10 authors you should read.

Written on: November 26, 2017

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This time, I thought about recommending some authors that definitely will help you broaden your mind:


Yuval Noah Harari. Israeli. PhD in History by Oxford University, he writes about two sides of the same coin: our past and our future. He talks about other races that existed along with the homo sapiens, and how we have prevailed in time. On the other hand, about the future he brings an interesting mix and all its possibilities of artificial intelligence surpassing our own knowledge. His books will leave you thinking.  “Sapiens – History of Humankind” and “Homo Deus – A Brief History of Tomorrow”


Malala Yousafzai Pakistani. Female activist and youngest Nobel Prize winner. Her book “I am Malala” is a must read for everyone. It is inspiring and deeply moving, gets you inside the mind of someone whose moral values and ideals are far more noble and mature than many world leaders’.


Umberto Eco Italian. This one is very well-known and I am sure you might have already read The Name of the Rose or at least watched the movie based on his book. I recommend you to read him though, his books exude medieval metaphysics and cosmology mixed with history and drama. To me, his sort of a dark writing that resembles Lovecraft or Edgar Allan Poe at some points. I find his books intense, disturbing, and compelling. A must read if you want to try something mysterious, out of the ordinary: “The Prague Cemetery” and “The Island of the Day Before” to start with.


Patrick HarpurEnglish –Cambridge scholar, he deals with history, psyche, alchemy, poetry, and modern psychology in a way that is hard to describe but will present you with the facts for you to decide whether to believe or not in certain non-conventional, highly interesting topics. I have read: “A Complete Guide to the Soul”, “Daimonic Reality -A Field Guide to the Other World” and “The Philosophers’ Secret Fire – A History of Imagination “


Jonathan BlackBritish – Oxford scholar – his books mainly deal with history, philosophy and theology. “The Sacred History: How Angels, Mystics and Higher Intelligence Made Our World” is described by him as the folk history of the world. He mixes history with spiritual realms in a very peculiar way taking you throughout history of mankind and traditions.


Allan and Barbara PeaseAmerican – As I said on another blog (link here), I find this book so enlightening as help me understand my own reactions, body language and gestures and identify non-verbal in others. The one I have read so far: “The Definite Book of Body Language” 


Haruki Murakami – Japanese. His writing is real and fantastic at the same time. I see a Kafka resemblance, but some might disagree. It is an author who gets you inside his books and he is unpredictable, his characters’ twist and seem to move swiftly between dimensions timelessly. So far, I have only two books, but certainly I will read more on this author. I personally recommend: “Kafka on the Shore” and “Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World”.


Celia Del PalacioMexican. Not only is she one of my favorite authors but also she is PhD in Mexican history, a researcher at Universidad de Veracruz and my relative, but also she writes beautiful historic novels based on Mexican heroines from revolution and Independence times. Her books have not been translated, so if you want to practice some Spanish, I totally recommend her books. Read about her book in an interview Spanish here, English here.


Ramiro San HonorioArgentine. His novels are dynamic, thrilling and get you to travel through time and historic milestones of the Argentine culture and history. His books have not been translated to other languages, so another reason for you to start some Spanish lessons. My favorite books are: “Argentum”, El Septimo Baston de Dios” and “Operacion Lugones”


Matilde Asensi Spanish. Her novels are a mix of adventure and history, specially the crusades and the Spanish inquisition. Her books have been translated to 15 languages thus they are in English. I recommend the following: “The Last Cato”, “Iacobus”, “Everything under the Sky”, “Peregrinatio” and “The Conspiracy of Cortes” (look for the translation in your language)


Share with me your favorite authors, or those whose books have made you appreciate the world differently, and remember:


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies” – George R. R. Martin


Have a lovely day/week, Eli