4 steps to retake the reading habit

Written on: May 3, 2017

In: Books by Elisa Coleclough

Fortunately, Buenos Aires is a city of readers, here it is common to see people reading on the bus, on the park, in cafes, so watching readers is inspiring to do the same. The truth is that reading is not only a fascinating way of learning, entertainment, mind-traveling, and having fun, but also of keeping yourself updated with words in another language (other than your native one) it also improves spelling. Having said that, here are 4 tips to retake the habit of reading


  1. Find a book on a topic that catches your eye and it is easy to read. Yes, you might want to read Goethe or Nietzsche, but let’s face it if you have not read in a while it is not easy to start with complex authors, so choose one that you actually ARE going to read and finish. And mind the size, because for example if you read in a café or on the bus (like me) very heavy book might not be a good option for starters (try something easy to carry or a pocket version)


  1. Choose a book that is in “season”, most likely if you have not read for a while, you want to go to the bookshop and check the best sellers, that’s a safe bet to start. You can also check with the librarian and with other customers, if they have read similar books, you will find in time that some of the best recommendations are those given by fellow readers.


  1. Time and Place: it is really good to have a certain time of the day where you can chill and read and a nice spot. I am not saying that everybody reads next to a cozy fireplace with a nice cup of tea or coffee, but for example I read a lot on the bus on my way to work, so I get at least 40 mins daily read.


  1. Share it with others. If you start talking to your friends about the book you are reading most likely they will want to hear how it goes, so there you have a motivation to read, and also they might recommend you interesting books to read, and it is always fun and intellectual to say “the book I’m reading…”


Wish you a happy reading and stay tuned for book recommendations.