3 steps to safe training

Written on: July 19, 2017

In: Fitness by Elisa Coleclough

stretcg, warm up

Warm-up. Before any exercise I always warm-up. If it is going to be run, weight lifting, a gym class or anything, 10 to 15 mins. warming up actually helps your muscles irrigate the blood, oxygen, minerals vitamins and all that necessary stuff for your metabolisms to work properly. If by any chance you arrived late to a gym class allow yourself some minutes to move your body around and ask the instructor what you can do to catch up quickly. Never skip this step.

Stay hydrated. Before Exercising I drink enough water (and go to the bathroom too). It is important that during the exercise we zip water, we do not drink the whole bottle. It is actually pretty risky, to drink a lot of water while running or working out might cause in some extreme cases to gain weight and your body to become bloated. So it is very important to drink prior to physical activity. While on the activity you may need to alternate between water and electrolyte drink ask your personal trainer, or instructor, what is the best combination for you.

Stretch. I have to say that many injuries are due to the lack of stretching. It is important after working out to allow time to elongate your muscles. In case you are training on your own. Always refer to a personal trainer/ instructor for some series of exercises for stretching. Usually, elongating is easy and people skip it, but never do that. Allowing your muscles to contract and elongate will strengthen the fibers, oxygenate, and irrigate the necessary blood to recover quickly by avoiding cramps and muscle soreness.

My usual advice is to consult with a personal trainer, instructor or nutritionist, on what is best for you. They will assess your needs based on your routine, age, weight, height, etc. Their advice will be very valuable, so follow it and never skip these 3 important steps: warming-up, staying hydrated and stretching. Stay safe and healthy always.