My Basic Sports Clothing

Written on: December 26, 2017

In: Fitness by Elisa Coleclough

sports clothing

I know 2018 is around the corner and probably amongst your new year’s resolutions is working-out. Either you have already started working out to counter act the terrible effect of too much biscuits and food during the holidays, or you simply want to engage in a new activity to become stronger, happier and healthier. If you are in any of those paths, congratulations! Keep it up!


I want to share with you some general advice to make the most of your budget:


Routines. Before you buy too much unnecessary clothing, check which type of routines you will be doing. If you decide to work inside a gym is not the same than working out outside, especially if it is winter or the hot summer, for both you need special clothes.


If you are going with the weights lifting, invest in a pair of gloves. Not only do they look absolute badass but they will prevent some blisters in your hands.


Shoes. What I always appreciate in a shoe is comfort and that it lasts (ideal would be forever, but….). They will eventually become your work-out soulmates, If you are in the gym, mostly whatever the shoes you buy will be fine. I personally wear Nike, Reebok and Skechers. Unless you decide to practice cross fit, in which case find out which shoes are suitable. (if you have not been training regularly, I would recommend to start with lighter training though).


If you run…oh here I come… Asics is my brand, I run every day, I trained last year and this year for over 3,000miles with my Asics and they were resistant to me with my intense daily training under rain, mud, ice, sand, they were warrior shoes 😉 I love them (yes, I am a fan).


if you are into spinning or indoor cycling training, keep your laces well tight and short, it is risky and painful to get them under the chain (I have been there). Of course if you can invest in a pair of spinning shoes is ideal, but I recommend you to first try it and see if you engage before doing any serious investment.


Invest in basics: dry-fit top and t-shirt are a must (if you can buy some good ones, Nike, Under Armour and Asics are my favorite because they do have these tiny differences in the dry-fit that make you comfortable and they last longer in time as well).  Further investment for winter is a long sleeve. I personally wear all year round regular sleeve and then in winter my vest or winter jacket protect me, but if you need warmer arms, invest in a couple.


Shorts and leggings. They are good for all genders and they usually work well either for the gym or outdoors sports. If you have to invest more money in one of them, invest in leggings. The reason is that the shorts don’t fit your so tightly to your body, but the legging does. Believe me after a while you will appreciate a fine piece of leggings, which do not leave any marks on your skin  after long hours of training. Shorts are a must, you will wear them all year round, if you are a fan of having a part of your body fresh to keep yourself cool, shorts will be worn in winter too, provided it does not snow of course. Whichever the case, either leggings or shorts choose those with inner pockets and zipper (useful for your keys and private stuff).


Colors: my advice is that flashy colors are great (not my type though) but the point is that usually those fabrics require you to take more care while washing. I can tell you from my experience fabrics in black or dark colors endure longer and they require less maintenance. You can always alternate them if you want.


Do not wear light colors in shorts or leggings, why? Nightmare for the washing machine, unless of course you want to become a “slave” of your clothes, just kidding, stay with “darker” colors.


Invest in a light dry-fit jacket with hood. OHHH this is my favorite item. From spring to autumn you will use it, unless too cold this item will keep you warm enough and dry enough even under the rain. I am very practical so if I am going to spend I buy a light dry-fit jacket, convertible for vest. I guess the brands realized it was not business and there are not many more available (at least not where I live).  If you see one of these items, don’t doubt it and invest in it.


Winter jacket or vest. I have one of each one, in winter you perspire and yes, you want to wash your clothes, you buy both. I personally love the vest. My arms go free and though sometimes cold is unbearable, after 10mins work out, it is just great not to have long sleeve.


Other considerations. Remember if you are outdoors, wear sun screen even during winter there are UV rays. Take care of your skin, you can always wear sunglasses too if you happen to live by the beach and enjoy a work-out by the ocean (if you do, I envy you so much hahahaha). Remember to Stay hydrated and stretch, read more here.



Remember the important thing about anything is to enjoy it.


♣“Wow, I really regret that workout” – Nobody, ever.♣