Fitness hacks for holidays

Written on: December 11, 2017

In: Fitness by Elisa Coleclough

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Holiday season is here, and we tend to eat more and put on some extra weight. In my opinion it is not solely because we are eating more cookies, pastries, chocolates, desserts, or even larger portions of food, but because we are not exercising. This time of the year we usually engage in activities after work therefore we simply do not have time to do our normal routines. If that is the case, here are 9 hacks and 1 daily tip for a fun work-out week!


Use your planner. First of all, allocate one hour per day to do your routine. It can be in the early morning, using your lunch break, or right after work and before party time. Scheduling your work out creates commitment and motivation. Believe me, 30 minutes of working out is better than nothing.


Make the most of your morning. It can be that as soon as you wake up, you simply start exercising. That way, not matter if you have to attend parties or gathering after work, or later during the evening. you have already made something for your body. (it might require that you wake up earlier, but the energy you will get from exercise is worth it).


Vary your routines. Do not get bored, plan different types of work outs according to schedule and venues. For example, where I work, there is a huge park in front of my office, so I usually use my lunch time to run. Afterwards, I will grab a quick bite and eat while I work. If I have to attend an after office and I cannot use my lunch time either, I simply wake up earlier and do indoor cycling routine. You can also try some weights, push-ups and squat routine (this one is good for mornings or for afternoons). Believe me the amount of energy your body gets is amazing. My recommendation is to eat breakfast after morning work-out. As soon as I wake up I usually drink water and work out, my breakfast comes afterwards.


Bring fruity snacks. Well if you know you have one of those days in which the cookie tray just walks around your place and you don’t have enough will to resist it (which happens to me). Get one cookie and always have a fruit, so you can alternate it with healthy snack but satisfying your craving. I usually keep dried fruits in my locker. I also bring fresh fruits daily from home so that I can eat them when I am hungry.


Join a training group. when you are in a group it is easier that you actually comply with your work out. For example, if there is a running group in your university, or company join them.  It is easier when it is team effort thus motivation comes because there is always someone so excited to go out for a work-out (in my group, that would be me telling others it is time to go for a run).


Work out while you commute. It is common that many people return to their homes either running or cycling, whichever it is a good way to exercise while getting home, so make the most of your time.


Use your weekends. Usually during Saturday or Sunday there is time to play tennis, football, rugby, basketball or whatever you like. So take time to play a match with your friends.


Swim if you can. I know sometimes, it is not easy to go to a club or gym which have a pool, but if you can, do it. Swimming does not cause the same body impact as running, spinning or weight-lifting for example, but you can blast fat while sculpting your major muscles. Additionally, if the weather is extreme either too hot or cold, there are indoors swimming pools.


Engage in a different activity. Yoga or martial arts are a good way to work-out and balance your mind and body, explore which one fits you better. Rowing or extreme sports are also a nice thing you can start with and it can be a team activity that really develops concentration and mindfulness.


Keep in mind that:


♥“Fit is not a destination is a way of life”♥


Finally, here are some tips for each day of the week:


Sunday. Runners have a saying “Sunday Run Day”, so get about your park and run a classic 5K, easy and breezy.


Monday. Spinning or cycling. Start your week by using your bike to commute.


Tuesday. Weight-lifting, push-ups, squats. It is easy you can simply wake up and set yourself to it.


Wednesday. The middle of the week can be celebrated by swimming comfortably right after work and before going home. It relaxes your mind while working out your body.


Thursday. Try martial arts or yoga. It is always a different thing to do a sport that is far from being the common place, it is by all means a game changer in your mind and body.


Friday. Usually, we go out with friends or have plans for the night, so kick-off your day by going to the gym, or maybe a spinning class. Practically any morning workout is great way to power-up your day!


Saturday. Organize a match with your friends, or take up a new lesson i.e. tennis. Eventually, it will become a healthy, happy, fun routine for everyone.


Finally, my friends ask me if I usually take a “day off” not to work out to which I respond: I will rest, when I am dead 😉




♣“Your fitness is 100% mental, your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it”♣


Please let me know what you think, and share with me your own hacks to stay in shape this season! Eli