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Written on: May 13, 2017

In: Fitness by Elisa Coleclough

Electro Stimulation Tec

I was invited to an Electro Stimulation Technology session with my friend Gloria Fitness. Overall, it was fun and I felt my body had worked out hard.  YOU SHOULD TRY IT TOO! (here the why!):

How does it work in your body? The stimulation strengthens the contraction of your muscles when needed to perform movement, because the equipment makes that more fiber is stimulated about 90% (regularly in a gym the muscle stimuli is 75%).

Preparation: As soon as I arrived to the place (very cool by the way) I was immediately assigned a personal trainer “Francesco”.  I was explained that every regular session lasts about 20-35mins, and it is equivalent to 3 hour-training at regular gym.  (So if you do it twice a week, you would be doing the equivalent to 6 hours training, pretty cool!).

Training Console: the coach told me that the machine controls everything and all the exercise and body parts are taken into account; kickoff an intense warmup, followed by a series of well-organized exercises with cardio (running, etc.) and weights. In general, moving all your body, arms, legs, back, and in the end it also includes a relax part (lovely).  The intensity on each area of your body can differ and certain areas can be given more stimuli.

Focus on each area: Belly please, I want the super-duper flat ab, like a model if not too much to ask! (but you might want to stimulate your thighs, derrière, arms, etc.). It also works for after pregnancy recovery: Ladies get your body back on track!

Outfit & gear: on site I was given special t-shirt and leggings.  On top, comes a vest and shorts with the electrodes embedded in them (oh my god, I feel like IronGirl)


  • Body feeling afterwards? Like my body had worked longer and harder than just a few minutes; even experienced some muscle sore
  • Is it safe? Yeah, totally. First, there is a coach by your side, guiding you in the exercises, correcting posture, checking the intensity, etc.  If you had an injury in the past and you want to recover strength for your muscles, this is just it.
  • What about my belly? Well, it hurt nicely afterwards (no pain, no gain, right?)

I recommend it either for those who want to give some extra boost to the body, or for those that do not have enough time to spend hours at the gym. Now you know, no excuses to get that fabulous healthy body you deserve!

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