Halloween anecdote: UFOs in the sky

Written on: October 8, 2017

In: Fun by Elisa Coleclough

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Before I begin, for many years the anecdote you are about to read was a story that my friends and I would get together and talk about. Eventually, the story simple went forgotten, until a friend, Any brought back it my memory and I decided to include it in the Halloween series.


Once upon a time, there was princess, ….oh no wait, hahaha, many years ago, my friends and I were invited to spend a night at by the Popocatepetl & Iztaccihuatl near-by town. For those that do not know what those words mean, they are the actual names of two volcanoes around Mexico City, better known in Spanish as the sleeping woman and the loving warrior (check link to read the story). 


These volcanoes are huge and on a clear day, you can spot them from the city. They are surrounded by massive forest and in there are a couple of small towns. One of these towns was the home for friend’s granny house, Any was her name. Any often told stories that when she spent the weekends with her granny a number of UFOs would be seen flying in the sky.


Moreover, the volcano area is actually well-known to those who love the UFO phenomena, strange lights and flying saucers, objects can be spotted at all times.  Actually, Mexican, UFO researcher Jaime Maussan usually referred to this place as one of those with “high UFO” activity around the Mexico City.


Coming back to the story, my friends and I wanted to spend some time by the forest (as you can see I love the forest) and take our chances at seeing any of this UFOs.  We were a a group of 10-12 teenagers to stay in the house and some adults (parents of my friends) were attending that barbecue weekend. It was fall, and that time of year is already chilly by the forest. So some were staying the house, other in tents and other in a mobile home. We had great fun and from time to time, we stared at the sky. Nothing seemed to happen whatsoever.


Eventually, I went to sleep and some other remained by the house porch chatting. It must have been about mid night when, I remember people screaming woke me up. I was staying in a room with other 3 girls, so we hurried outside, apparently they had seen sort of a “flying saucer by the forest”. I had a manual camera, so I took it, because if there was anything like a UFO, I was going to get a shot!


Everyone got up, and indeed there was a kind of glow in the sky, but it faded out quite fast. After a while we came back inside. There was a lot of talk and excitement about the actual possibility of a UFO glimpse. Interestingly enough, there were also adults not only us (you may say kids, or teenagers have imaginations) who had actually seen it.


After that I could sleep again, but with lighter sleep. I seemed to constantly stare out of the window. The house was one of the last ones of the town and was practically surrounded by forest. So you could see the moon shining and some clouds. The sky was clear and the night was fresh.


I began to drowse in my bed, when a flash, like thunder illuminated the whole room. I jumped out of my bed. Took my camera (there were no cellphones like now) and I rushed down the hall to see if I could get a glimpse of anything. Other people had woken up, or never actually could go back to sleep. They were also staring at the sky. We could see the same glow in the sky over the forest tree tops, as the night forest sounds grew louder but there wasn’t anything else in the sky. We remained for some time, we spotted nothing again though. We thought that maybe it was a lightening but it was highly unlike because there were no clouds, we thought about an airplane, but heard no engines sound, and hypothesis went on and on. We actually watched the news, heard the radio, but nothing. Next day, some neighbors had seen the light too. But they were not as excited as we were. For them the lights and the phenomena were actually common place.


What do you think about UFOs? Do you think they are real? Have you seen one or have had an encounter?  Looking forward to your comment below!! Have great day/week, Eli.