Halloween anecdotes: the forest

Written on: October 1, 2017

In: Fun by Elisa Coleclough

halloween anecdotes

Halloween is approaching and I wanted to share an anecdote regarding this “spooky” time of the year. So here goes my story:


It was about 18 years ago, I got together with my friends and we decided we wanted to do something different for the weekend. As Mexico City is surrounded by some forests, we wanted to rent a cabin and spend the weekend by the forest watching horror stories.


So we were 7 of us, 4 girls and 3 boys. Friends for life. So we decided that we would take some movies, groceries and the Ouija game to play during the weekend. I have to say, I have never been very fond of plating Ouija stuff or anything supernatural, but I was fine by the movies and the weekend with a fire by the forest.


So the journey began. There was friend, Beto, who was particularly fond of horror movies, but the rest of us were not that into horror (we actually got scared quite easily). After a few hours’ drive, we arrived to the very beautiful place by the forest, a lovely picturesque complex of 10 cabins with fireplace and 3 rooms to stay for the night.


We set in the cabin, we went for a lovely hike afterwards, but then the fog came. According to the weather forecast the electrical storms might happen later that night. We cooked dinner, playing some songs with the guitar and that’s how the legends and stories started rolling down. We joined later a wood fire in a special zone in the complex, eating marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate. Other families and friend’s groups were also staying for the night. So far so good. Then a drizzle started to fall down and we decided we wanted to go inside and watch some movies.


As we stepped in the cabin the lights went off, we thought it was due to the wind. Those kind of things are common in rural areas. Well, then we started listening to sounds, objects falling down, piano playing suddenly. Of course we all started going mad, shouting and wanting to find matches or flashlights to light the room and see what the heck was happening. Meanwhile, all the sound continued some steps were heard, I remember I felt such a goosebumps creeping over my spine. I was next to my two best friends Marlene and Lily who were also gasping for breath and sobbing in terror.


As we rushed around and we could not find out any flashlights, laughter was heard. I cannot tell you how much we all wanted to go outside and run as fast as we could. Then, the door slammed dead close, and we could not open it. This was sheer terror. It was all happening so fast, but it was horrifying.


Suddenly, the lights came back on, the door opened and Beto stepped inside laughing his *** off at us. He had recorded a cassette (yes, I was teenager in the time of cassettes) with the horrifying sounds, on a portable recorder had played the sound repertoire. To make it more ghastly, he had sneaked behind the cabin and he had switched the lights off.


In the confusion and the darkness, we could not see that he was not with group. So it had all been a joke, yes! A joke! Oh my God! Guys wanted to punch him in the face, and we were trying to stop them getting into an actual fist-fight. Well, things calmed down. By that time the complex administrator had come in and checked on us. Out screams could be heard in other cabins. Ok, we explained, apologized the best we could and regained control of ourselves.


We decided we wanted to watch a movie, and chill inside the cabin and make peace. So we did.


As we watched silently Stephen King’s Pets Sematary, the light actually went out, followed by a lighting that illuminated the whole living room. Immediately, we thought Beto was playing a joke, but this time we were all there, and other cabins had shouted out loud, a classic reaction when the light go out. So it was for real, apparently.


Flashlights in hand, we decided to go outside to the local registration office and check what was going on. This time was for real. They gave us some candles, matches and the like and we came back. The fog had grown thick around the valley and the cabins could not be seen. Only fog around. As we had rented the biggest cabin, our cabin was the last one. You can imagine that we were playing all types of jokes to cheer ourselves up as we strode along the forest path. But deep inside, we were all scared to dead and already under suggestion of what had happened earlier.


That night, many noises were heard, most probably the regular wood noises when the temperatures shift, but we were silent and terrified, we did not want to admit it though. On top of that, the wind was a strong and the tree branches made creepy noises. We did not dare to go outside and we fought not to fall asleep, telling jokes (we had long quit on the horror stories) and playing songs.


It must have been in the early hours of the morning when we all fell asleep in the living room, cause no one dared to go back to the rooms. Yes, we were scared like that. Anyone in mood for the Ouija? No, thank you! (hahaha)


Next day, we walked up about 10 a.m., a beautiful chilly morning greeted us. The truth is that this is such a funny memory, we were truly scared, even Beto was scared. I guess the sound of the recording had made an effect in our brains to make us “in tune for terror”.  That memorable weekend had everything, gave me the creeps and then after we retold the story we laughed to so much at our faces and expressions. Anyway, just in case no more scary-movie weekend in the forest for us!


Share with me some funny/real horror stories that have happened to you. Have a great week/day, Eli!