Designing for the future: trends we need to consider now

Written on: July 4, 2017

In: Geek by Elisa Coleclough


Some weeks ago CG Trader invited me to participate in the annual contest “#designingforthefuture”. I decided to write a blog because I find technology very interesting.

When we talk about the future and technology, we think that concepts such as 3D impressions, augmented reality, wearables, holograms, biotechnology, robots, AI, etc., are so far away from our day-to-day reality.

The truth is otherwise, you see that drones have already entered into our lives, mostly for leisure activities. Let’s take some examples:

Robots, interact with us every day. How? Robots are not necessarily androids, with human forms. But they are also complex super computers which perform common simple activities such as SEO (very well known by bloggers), google AdWords for personalized marketing or geo-localization helping us find addresses in our car/mobile GPS. But also, they do more complex activities like password verification in our banking systems.

3D impressions & biotechnology are being used in research fields, for example medicine. Actually, you can have a body part printed with human cells! Will they be the definite solution for human transplants? Maybe.

Wearables, are responsible for keeping medical records in the USA and Europe. By carrying a bracelet, it monitors all your body. Then, this device can be downloaded through an “app” to your mobile, and you can email it to your physician or to a laboratory. Actually, I have a friend who suffers from diabetes, he gets monitored through this little gadget that he wears underneath his clothes. The gadget also shoots the right dose of insulin which prevents him from having to do it himself and probably forgetting about it.

Holograms. Tech companies are using now this amazing technology to bring people “live” in meetings. Soon enough they might be available for massive consumption. Maybe, in some years, blogs will not be written but acted, and you will see the blogger like you are talking to her or him, cool, isn’t it?

Augmented reality is now part of our leisure activities as many of my gamer friends are enjoying the new Samsung experience (also available from other brands, but this is a very popular thing right now in my city). You get to feel and see as if you are in the middle of the game, amazing!

Influencers such as Elon Musk start bringing openly the topic of how humans are teaching android-robots to perform routine tasks.   Which brings the next topic, 70% of human jobs will change in the following 10 years and many of them will be performed by androids. So this is a challenge.

The way I see, it is that change has been the only constant in our society throughout centuries of evolution. The time has arrived that evolution is linked to technology. We should be prepared and embrace it. Use it in our favor.  Most certainly Engineering majors will continue to be the hot-spot careers. Also research will become more and more relevant. New technologies need to be tested and assessed. Maybe in some years, studying medicine will come with a subject in applied robotics. As I have said, robotics and 3D impressions are a big breakthrough in the medicine fields.

So we need to be prepared, study, learn the new technologies, bring improvement to our processes. One thing is for sure, human soul and creativity will still be needed. We need to use our creativity to grab the technologies and start designing for the future now.  

Do you agree? Share your thoughts with me!