So what about the brain chip?

Written on: September 24, 2017

In: Geek by Elisa Coleclough

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This topic came a couple of days ago, while I was having a coffee with some friends, so I felt inspired to write about it. So here is my take:


Background: there has been some serious talk about the possibility of having implanted an actual chip in the human brain that can merge human brain with software interface. (Elon Musk info here)


Facts: some people have undergone complex surgeries to have this sort of implants into their brains. Some of this people have Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer. The surgeries are complex and expensive though. Thus being the reason why only a handful of lucky ones that this “state of the art” chip implanted.


On the other hand, there are not enough understanding as how the neurons communicate, though some processes have been decoded by neuroscientists, some other remain a mystery.


The multidimensional universe in neurons. Also, recently I read an article, on how scientists found that that in that space between neurons there is a possibility of unlimited, multidimensional geometrical structures. This means that the space between neurons might have up to eleven dimensions. In a nutshell, it comes to explain why the brain is so complex to understand, not only does it work in our dimensions, it shifts and creates in other 11 dimensions. (Original article info here)


For some passionate of science, and technology these discoveries are break thru. However, it only proves one thing, we know very little of how our own body and brain work. This leads to my following point: in order to merge technology and human brain we need to understand fully our capabilities, how we process and to be able to understand that actually inserting something in our bodies might be helpful to some extend but invasive on the other side.


The more we know about our brain the more we understand that ancient correlation that says that we are a small particle of universe. Our brain is absolutely powerful, also by using it and developing cognitive processes, we are creating more and more neuronal connections. That is why some people say that brains that do not think, get old. It is true. It is absolutely true, whenever we are learning something new, the brain has to check the connections, see if something already there connects, if not starts creating new neuronal connections. That is also true when we learn a new skill, i.e. playing an instrument, new language, etc.


Coming to a conclusion: Some people might think that it is easier just to connect to a computer and simply “download” a program and know stuff. Just like in Matrix when Neo says, “I know Kung-Fu”. Well, but it is not that simple. I still advocate for actually learning things the old-school and making my brain sweat and create its connections, it does not mean that I might not give it a try to see what’s like to own a chip. On one condition though, that I can disconnect the chip. Just like when we do not want to be online, like when we turn our cell phone or computers off at our will. Because, one thing is having gadgets outside our body, and quite another having them inside. And also, we need to understand that whatever technology can be hacked. So I personally would not like to have my thoughts hacked, would you?


It’s a long way to go before chips go massive, but serious thought and trials need to be done to guarantee its safety.  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below.   Have a great week/day, Eli!