Spirituality or Technology

Written on: August 30, 2017

In: Geek by Elisa Coleclough

geek or spiritual

Technology or Spirituality, what will be the next evolution step for us? The way I see it is that in order to evolve harmoniously, we need to combine both.

We have always been spiritual beings, since the very beginning of our existence. I am not talking about religion, I am talking about understanding that we are energy and that we connect in a way to the universe. Since ancient history, leaders, priests, alchemists, etc., wanted to transcend, thru that connection with the source, the universe or whatever we decide to call it.

Presently, there is technology. Great breakthrough for our species, which we use to be able to understand biology, universe, medicine, etc. Ultimately creating robots and Artificial Intelligence in order to be able to help us in our society.

Although some scientists are against the spirituality and some spiritual thinkers oppose technology. There are others, who believe that the actual combination of these two powers is the ultimate step.  In my opinion, we need to understand ourselves at the same time use technology and Artificial Intelligence to solve our society problems, diseases, etc. Definitely, spirituality and technology both help us to be better version of ourselves.

On the other hand, with great power, comes great responsibility. The way I see it, is that by connecting to our energy, peace and kindness, we will seek the balance with our environment. And only then, will be able to use technology ethically.  Additionally, there is the belief that if we want to change for the better, we will need to start this change from the inside out.  Let’s journey inside to your mind, to your soul, explore your inner greatness. But also go outside and integrate the greatness of technology into our daily lives. Thus is just a brief thought, but what do you think yourself?

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