In sync with the disruptive technologies

Written on: June 2, 2017

In: Geek by Elisa Coleclough


I recently attended a series of talks by technology leaders who talk in present tense about concepts such as trans-humanism, biotechnology, robots, wearable, augmented reality, bio impressions, virtual reality, holograms, IOT, and big data. It all made me realize that these concepts are actually becoming part of our daily stream, we are constantly connected thru our social media, there are apps which allows us to create out avatars online and the truth is that may be technology is a way to become “immortal” in a way.

Holograms are now used for people to have meetings in which you can actually see the person like sitting or standing right next to you. Virtual reality is now in videogames and programs. It is said that in 10 years from now, many of the routine tasks will be performed by robots. So where do we stand then? We need to catch up with the future, and understand all creative activities will be still in the hands of the humans. We really need to understand that we need to adapt quickly to a change that has already begun and learn the skills that will take us to master the future needs.  As Federico Marque  mentioned it is very important to keep our “skin in the game” and feel the technology vibes.

Biotechnology and bio-impressions in 3D are becoming eventually popular and they are especially relevant in the fields of medicine, since 3D impression with human cells can actually produce body parts.  More and more big companies like apple, are investing in small start-ups thru a joint venture named “accelerator adoptions”. Big companies have realized that they have such robust infrastructures, capital and resources, though they need to feed from creativity and new inventions, which in the hands of “outsider small ventures” often called “unicorns”. These need financing to develop ideas that might tackle thru invention a problem. In a nutshell, we need to find a problem and solve it, only then we will add value to society.

Robotics. There was Mateo Salvatto, 18-year-old genius who, so far, has launched 3 experimental rockets. He has created a wonderful app named “hablalo” (talk-it) for the hearing-impaired, and who only learnt about robotics and programming skills about 3 years ago. Then, he sat down and decided he wanted to create a robot and challenge other school and win a competition. Mateo says that anyone can learn and do a robot. The truth is that he is totally right, you get to learn the ropes of a trade by doing things, by wanting to actually create something. Along the way, you will get to learn other skills, which will be helpful later. According to him, learning should be fun process and I totally agree; the more fun you have the more you are engaged in going deeper in the understanding.

It sounds like the future is here and we really need to understand how to cope with it, how to take advantage and use it in our favor. Find solutions to existing problems thru the use of creativity and technology, and move from our logical thinking to a digital thinking.