My Take on Artificial Intelligence

Written on: July 30, 2017

In: Geek by Elisa Coleclough

Robot, robotics

It came to my attention in the past days, the experiment that took place in the largest social network in the world, while their programmers and scientists were working with Artificial Intelligence. Basically, these computers were programmed to use English as their own language and learn to negotiate with one another. The experiment went funny when the computers started creating their own version of the English language based on the fact that some words could be omitted and the language mathematically improved. This fact led to think that the robots could be able to self-expand their memories and create their own language and signals. The scientists were able to study the interaction between these two computers.

Is this something new? The answer is No. Presently, these robots work in the so called chatbots which help the human users solve their questions and doubts.  They are helpful indeed, but they have never gotten as far as with this experiment. When a machine starts taking shape of its own and creating its own language without any human interventions is absolutely mind-blowing. It makes me think of all these movies like Matrix and Terminator (yes, I am an 80s & 90s kid)

The way I see it, Artificial Intelligence can do a great deal for us. There are a lot of hazardous jobs that robots could perform in a safe & efficient way, and save human lives. Accidents, by using AI we would be able to prevent accidents in industries such as energy, oil & gas, steel, mining, etc. Medicine, the fact that many surgeries are really complex and doctors can make use of A.I. to reach far away locations is a breakthrough (For example, locations like Antarctica or Alaska are, at some seasons, inaccessible). A robot operated remotely can save a human live right on time. No doubt, these would save costs, time & lives. Presently, there are some companies based in Palo Alto California which have developed robots that are shipped to far away locations and also they provide training to the surgeons on how to operate these robots. Amazing, right? And there are many other fields in which AI is helpful and can ease our lives.

I am so intrigued by technology, really it is a fantastic force; we are creating amazing stuff as humans, but are we aware of what we are creating? Are we really prepared to “live” side by side with AI?

The question that comes to my mind is actually more about ethics. Is Artificial Intelligence a new kind of “life” created by our own species? Are we humans fully aware of the capacity of what we are creating? Are robots able to create and manifest “feelings” as we know them? If they did have feelings, would they have what we know as “soul”?

I totally think about the amazing benefits, that technology brings us, but also about the enormous responsibility.  I can only relate it to an example of my own. At age 14, I learnt to drive, I was fearless, risk and accidents were something that would never happen to me. (that is another story) I was only thrilled by the fact of driving along the highway. Is this what is happening to us? We also need to consider respectfully of all the other implications & and handle AI responsibly.  What do you think? Please leave your comments below. Thank you & have a lovely day/week.