19 quotes by John Maxwell

Written on: February 19, 2018

In: leadership by Elisa Coleclough

19 quotes by John Maxwell

19 quotes by John Maxwell to start the week with achievement…and positivity.


Dear readers, hope you are kicking your week in the best mood!


It is 23:37 hrs., after a Sunday like no other, I have been able to meet John Maxwell and interact with him. Let me give you my personal impressions.  There are many cases in which you actually meet amazing people but when you see them or hear them “live” things fade away. They are not so charismatic and not so compelling as you read them or watch them on TV.


John is not like that. Even if you did not know who he is and never heard of him, the way he makes himself likeable and agreeable is just fantastic. His concepts are “simple” as he himself says, but in my opinion simple concepts and suggestions are the most difficult to implement because they are powerful and often they require change of habits and behaviors.


John teaches while he entertains, he tears down your psychological limitations and opens your eyes to start appreciating new ways to be a better human being. His books are mainly based on leadership and you may say “I have no one to lead”. Let me tell you though that you are leading someone always the way you are also being led by other people. So we are all influencers and leaders of our own personal beliefs and dreams.


In order for all of us to start a positive week, I am going to quote the best (in my opinion) phrases of John’s presentation today, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

1.There are no accidental achievements


2.Everything worthwhile is uphill


3.You can’t go uphill with downhill habits


4.Be person of value adding value to others


5.Learn to ask good questions


6.Make the habit of reading 30mins. a day (for this I will make a separated blog, because the story is amazing)


7.You can’t determine what happens to you but you can determine what happens within you


8.The reason I got thru that problem was because I was angry and negative and depressed — Said Nobody ever


9.You are never good or perfect the first time…or the second…keep trying.


10.Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul


11.Dedication means you are committed and are a dependable person. People can count on you


12.To be an effective communicator, draw yourself to the people, not the people to you


13.Millennials need no fixing, they only need opportunities to feel included and bring on new ideas


14.Activity is not accomplishment, means not because you are busy means you are effective. Learn to be productive


15.Learn to match you best time of the day (whether you are a morning or an evening person) with your priorities, then you will be successful


16.I want to be somebody with a passion that can make things other people believe impossible, possible


17.You never know when you put a book in somebody’s hands, how that person’s life will be changed


18.In a divided world, we need people who bring people together


19.When you are leader with a follower heart, it means you are a teachable person. You can learn thus you will be successful



The last one, certainly is one of my favorites, because I think that it is the best asset we all can have, learning is continuous improvement and self –awareness


I will be posting more often this week as I am planning on sharing my impressions of the certification event.


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Hope you have a great week/day, Eli