7 ways to influence

Written on: February 8, 2018

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7 ways to infuence

7 ways of how we influence or are being influenced by others.


How are you dear readers? I hope your month is doing great. I have been very busy, planning my work and on my final way to certification as a founding member of John Maxwell Team Español ™ . I have to say reading Maxwell truly inspires me and I feel the need to share this with everyone I know.


The reason? Well, we are people dealing with other people and what a better way than do it harmoniously and in a constructive assertive way. If I had known this in the past I would have spared myself many mistakes, pain and anxiety. I would have been more assertive and calm, but well, that is why life is constant learning.


So my topic from today is about “influence”, we hear about influence and leadership, but are we aware of how we are influencing or being influenced by others? We all know it is essential to be aware of the key components of leadership, understand them and work with them in order to be more effective.


“Everyone is a leader because everyone influences someone” — John C. Maxwell


Let’s begin by saying that the way we influence others, will determine how many people, how long and the range of influence we have. It is important to notice this.


Here are the ways of how influence works:


By force – there is no choice for others but to follow what we say, usually this is the “boss” approach.


Through intimidation–  this approach is rather outdated, however many people still used it: “either you do what I say, or you leave”. This sort of influence is really linked to the above model “by force” and its span of action is rather short lasting. This is sort of the “mafia” style of leadership and influence.


Controlling or manipulation – this influence is usually based on the premise of “winner – loser”.


Position – we follow leaders because we must. For example, authority, regulations, the prime minister, or the parents, etc. They are in a more advanced position reason why we follow them to learn from them and be guided by their expertise and knowledge.


Interchange this type if influence is usually long lasting and built on win-win relationships, which is based on trust. We all can interchange something with other people and we do it free-will.


Persuasion or influence – this is very common and it usually based on free-will as well you do it out of desire and pleasure, because you feel either identified and inspired by someone. This happens a lot between social media for example, we all follow one another, because we like the content and is pleasant to read.


Respect – this is usually linked to the persona. For example, the name John C. Maxwell takes us immediately back to the fact that he is a author who has sold 20 million books, consults and advises Fortune 500 companies and world leaders. His simple presence commands respect and we all want to listen to what he has to say.


“All leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less” – John C. Maxwell


It is also important that we are using all the time most of the types of influence. In certain situations, it is necessary to use them. I, however, do not recommend to over use intimidation or by force. I understand that in the case of children for example or in other certain situations, rules have to made clear and they have to be followed. For instance, we all respect the law if we break it we know it is a felony. However, the best ways to influence on regular people in personal and professional environments, especially working as a team, it is better to try the other 4. Remember when we truly influence others, we do not need to command any order, we all simply follow those who truly inspire us.


The above concepts have been based on the book “Becoming a person of influence” by John C. Maxwell. Available at amazon here


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