The Law of Mount Everest.

Written on: February 4, 2018

In: leadership by Elisa Coleclough

The Law of Mount Everest.

I am coming back to my home town. I love my country thus I try to be best version of me everywhere I go. I am not perfect, like  anyone I have many areas of opportunity which I work thru coaching, but one thing I have learned is that humility and continuous learning are the path to grow and increase awareness.


Also, I have learned that “we” is more important than “I” and that when you are within a team or group of people with the same vision and mission, things are easier. We all belong to different groups, name it family, friends, club/gym, work, other associations and acquaintances that we have. We need to value them and understand that the greatest achievements are not one man/woman, are a team effort.


According to John C. Maxwell in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. He outlines that the bigger the challenges are, the more we need to work as a team. Or in other words as Henry Kissinger would say:


♠”Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem” – Henry Kissinger♠


So we really need to be prepared to work as a team, not only at work but in our personal life. It all starts with how we relate to those we love and live with. Are we being team players? Are we leading them? are we following someone?


As stated earlier, we are all a combination of team players, leaders and followers. We cannot lead or follow all the time without taking the risk of being authoritative or passive, what we certainly are all the time is we are part of a team.


Let us take the example of couple, name it: partner and partner (please consider all genders included in this definition) need to have good communication. Each partner has decided to share life, time, love, goals, dreams, emotions, feelings, etc with the other partner. When those partners are equal in forces they are in balance.


For as Newton’s Third Law observes:


◊“All forces between two objects exist in equal magnitude and opposite direction”◊


The important thing is recognizing always what each member brings to the team, what is their input thus their value, and thanking each other for our contributions.


When you think about big companies you may also think that those companies are not one man. They are a group of people. It is true that some companies were born as the idea of a single man, for example Michael Dell, for ell for Dell computers. However, as the challenges grow the team has to grow, a corporate plan and different divisions come into play. Nowadays, it is impossible to image Michael Dell doing everything in his company, right?


The same happens in a couple. It is not the same to be single with a partner, than to live your partner, or to have children. There the forces need to co-exist in harmony as a team in order to be successful and long-lasting.


That is why Mr. Maxwell refers to Mount Everest in his law. Because when  you decide to climb the challenging Mount, you have to be prepared mentally, physically and spiritually for the challenge. But also it is well known that you go with a team of other people.


While climbing you go with a guide but each member is responsible for the whole team as the whole team is responsible for each member. It is a team effort. You may feel at some point that you are exhausted, or may even fall or have an accident or fall ill. The team is there to take care of each other. That is what is all about.


⇑“As the challenge escalates, the need of team work elevates” – John Maxwell⇑


I love that example with the Mount Everest, because I have a dream that someday, I will climb the Mount myself with a team of friends and crazy happy people who dare to challenge ourselves and get to the top. Meantime, it is a dream, but we all need to think that our daily challenges are our daily personal Mounts and work as a team.


Take care and have a great beginning of week! Eli