The safe side of risk decisions

Written on: February 1, 2018

In: leadership by Elisa Coleclough

safe side of risks

It is 6:00 am at the Tocumen airport and I am sitting drinking coffee and doing what Germans call “menschen gucken” (observe people).


By observing others and guessing how they live, their motivation, expectations, where they come from and to where they are going to, I always end up thinking about myself.


It is a moment of introspection, evaluating alternatives and risks and making a choice. Whether the result is going to be good or bad is entirely based on the accurate observation and assessment performed prior to the actual decision. Therefore, outcome success lies on the decision-maker clarity, objectivity, intuition and assertiveness.


Moreover, life is full of decisions some bigger and more impactful than others. However well-planned and controlled, there are risks associate to each tiny decision from what to wear in the morning to whether or not buying a house or real state.


As Paulo Coelho said:

♠Be brave, take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.♠


Nothing can substitute experience indeed, however there is always a safer side to risk, being grounded is the most important. We are the decision makers and we need to have a clear head to be assertive. Increase awareness of ourselves, environment, and people are key.


How can we set clear of all the noise in our heads? Through the coaching process, a set of powerful tools that can guide you through the sea of uncertainty with full consciousness taking into account all aspects in your life, personal and professional.


♦Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan — Margaret Thatcher♦


Part of this coaching process are the following simple ideas that I would like to share with you. As of December 2017, I keep two agendas, one for the appointments and meetings (I am paper old school for somethings) and a different one for my personal thoughts, ideas and learning process.


In the personal agenda, I write daily what I am grateful for that day. Additionally, in the month summary I have written the below questions. These, questions help you connect and establish credibility with the most important person of your life: you.


In my case, doing this exercise once a month has kept me aware of the greatest risk that is not being able to recognize oneself fully.  I also take the time to answer those questions in writing.


As I am sure some of you are aware, being able to note down our ideas and thoughts is essential to the mind, as the words and sentences actually manifest in both the conscious and subconscious levels.  If you did not get chance to read my blog the potential of the unconscious, click here:


Without further ado, here are the questions:


  1. Have I connected with myself today?
  2. Have I learned and corrected my mistakes and shortcomings?
  3. Am I responsible of my actions and decisions?
  4. Do I live in the way I lead and vice versa?
  5. Am I true to myself?
  6. Do I accept my vulnerability?
  7. If I were to meet myself, would I be my own friend?
  8. Are my life results what I expect?

Along with the questions 4 key points are cornerstone to identify and sort out obstacles in communication with yourself and with others. Here are the “watch out” points:


Assumption – “I already know what others know, feel and want.”


Arrogance – “I don’t need to know what others know, feel or want.”


Indifference – “I don’t care to know what others know, feel, or want.”


Control – “I don’t want others to know what I know, feel or think.”


The above concepts are part of the 3 main aspects of coaching: fulfillment, balance and process.  The above suggestions work in most of the cases, however each individual approach is different. We are all different thus our processes are unique.  I invite you to take the opportunity to access a free 1 session consultation and know more about yourself, identify your strengths, areas of opportunity and define a plan to achieve your goals in work and life.



I would love to hear your feedback and read your comments in the box below.


Have a great day/week, Eli