Strip from Ego and Assertiveness will increase.

Written on: January 8, 2018

In: leadership by Elisa Coleclough

Ego and Assertiveness

Probably the most difficult of it all is to set our egos aside, because we are humans and our society makes us see the ego as a way to advance. However true it may be, ego-utilization has an emotional cost that might result in mental illnesses, chronic stress and anxiety.


In time our conscious mind cracks under so much emotional baggage we may have placed and eventually dessert us, causing Alzheimer. It has been proven by some researchers that some of the causes of this terrible disease are emotional, of course there are many genetic factors which we cannot control. I am an accountant and a performance coach not a doctor. What I can help you with is gain awareness about those factors that are within our grasp and we can control not let us be carried away.



♠”Ego is the biggest enemy of Humans” – Rig Veda♠



Ego is one of them, is actually a very important one. How many times have we been placed in a position in which we actually do not want to admit we are wrong or we lack the knowledge? We simply refuse to admit it because our ego would be damaged. Our ego, not us. If we were to admit assertively that we are not Gods or Goddesses to know it all, we would be tapping into a realm of truthfulness and self-respect that irradiates to others.


Some of the greatest leaders I have had the pleasure to know, work and learn from, including general managers, scholars and lately John Maxwell himself, they all tell one thing. They are not good at everything, but they know it and they accept it. Thus they look to bring on board people who actually can provide those tools. That is assertiveness and self-assurance, because it takes self-deprecation to accept and embrace that others may be better than us in certain stuff. It also presents us as honest leaders. We are smart enough to be at what we do, and humble to enough to look for those who are better than us at the things we are not.


Being a leader is after all matching people’s talents, abilities and motivations in the right positions in order for them to succeed. Thus we all meet the goals, standards, tests and objectives with more than flying colors.


Actually, John Maxwell in his famous book “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, he mentions in the law #12 “The Law of Empowerment” that “only secure leaders give power away”. John adds away “insecure leaders draw power to themselves”.


True power lies in giving away through empowerment, giving is receiving, because trust attracts trust. People who are engaged and motivated and expect to produce quality outcomes and ideas, are valuable members, they are usually part of a whole high-impact team, who is responsible for all that to happen? You, as leader. You are the one who fosters with example and self-assurance, with humility, determination and creativity devoid of all ego.


How can you give power away effectively within your team? Trust, train, teach, coach, equip, guide and then let them on their own.


True leadership is hard, is a work in process which honestly never ends; we are not expected to become saints or the like whatsoever. We are simply expected to be more flexible to others and true to ourselves. In case you did not read my article on Flexibility click here.


Ego is helpful in other situations though. But that is a topic for other blog. Looking forward to your comments in the box below. (Don’t forget to subscribe) have a great day/week, Eli