5 reasons why I think you should learn Spanish

Written on: July 1, 2017

In: Lifestyle by Elisa Coleclough

reasons to learn Spanish

Want to learn something new this summer break? Here 5 reasons why I think you are going to enjoy learning Spanish:

  1. Second largely spoken language in the world. 437 million people are native speakers to this language. So if you happen to love travels, you might find it very useful and fun to communicate with the locals in their own language.
  2. You’ll never get bored. For many centuries, Spanish has incorporated so many different words from indigenous languages and each country has some words that are only used in their region. Additionally, the accents are so different from region to region. The “S” in Spain, the words that slide like music in the Caribbean, and the “SH” in Argentina and Uruguay.
  3. If you already speak French or Italian, Spanish will come easy, the inflections are very much similar. Compared to French which is beautiful (I love it) what you read is so different from the actual phonetic, in Spanish though, what your eyes read is what you say. Dead easy!
  4. Spanish speakers love that you try. You might have trouble to pronounce or inflect the verbs, but do not worry, Spanish speakers will help you an if you happen to live for a while in a Spanish speaking country you will pick all the local words and even the local accent very quickly.
  5. Cervantes language. If you love books, there is a lot of literature written in Spanish. We call it the language of Cervantes due to Miguel de Cervantes who wrote the famous Don Quixote. Reading the original version of anything, poetry, novels, master pieces is always quite an experience! (Translations might be perfect but never to convey the real emotions of the writer).

Finally, if you speak Spanish, you might pick some “Portuñol”. Brazilian Portuguese has many words taken from Spanish and the pronunciation is very different to the Portugal one. If you were a native speaker of Spanish you would be able to understand practically a lot of Brazilian Portuguese, though you have never learnt it. So, if you learn Spanish and go to visit those beautiful beaches in Brazil you might find useful a bit of Spanish. Also, did you know that Spanish is an official language in some countries in Asia and even in many states in the USA?  So, tell me, do you speak a bit of Spanish? What do you love about languages?