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Written on: November 15, 2017

In: Lifestyle by Elisa Coleclough

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When we think about changing the world, we may think superman or wonder woman will come and save us all. The way I see it is that there are the everyday-heroes that help others silently and they surely make the world a better place.


In the later years, we have seen more companies have joined social responsibility programs, for example hiring people with different abilities i.e. hearing impaired, Down syndrome, etc.  I have been fortunate enough to work for some of those companies that truly care about engaging in the community needs. As a company they encouraged several activities that not only created awareness but also were nice for all the employees to participate: blood donations, planting trees in public spaces, creating awareness about trash recycling, or in special days, donations of different kinds were organized, toys for children with terminal diseases, etc.


On the other hand, whether we work for such companies or not, we all can do something from our side.


Imagine for a moment that one quarter of the world population (estimated in 7.442 billion in 2016) engaged once a year, one hour in their communities for work. That would make a huge difference, right?  Over 1.8660 billion people/hours working to make our planet a better place to live.


Definitely, an hour of your time every week, or every month, does make a difference. There are many activities that you can participate in and also spread the word amongst those around you, family, work, friends. You will see that your example might inspire others to join the efforts.


◊We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give – Sir. Winston Churchill◊


Here are some ideas that you can start with:


Donations. There are different health and support organizations. Médecins sans Frontières, Red cross  are good options. Your help/donation/time will make a huge difference.


Holidays cards from the UNICEF. My grandmother used to buy those beautiful cards and send them along with the gifts to the family. She made actually to gifts, the one to the family and the one to an child to support their education and nutrition. And she told me a lot with her example. Link here


Donating blood. It is a simple way, and you can give life to others. Yes, I hate needles, I panic but I have donated blood, it is not so bad after all just turn the other way.


Becoming an organ donor. There are a lot people who die waiting for donor. There are many people who never thought that they could help other in a simple way like becoming a donor.


Community centers. At least in the Latin American countries the local parishes or community centers usually have this family/study groups in which food and donations are gathered and distributed to the less favored families. In some centers, children can come and do homework and get some food while they do it. I participate every other weekend in my local community center to children with their English/Math homework. It is really easy for me, and it means the world for them. Join your local groups.


Donating clothes, shoes, etc. Especially during winter season there are a lot of communities and families who really need clothes, because they cannot afford them. Donate what you do not use. I recommend Charitas Foundation but there are many others.


Less waste. Sometimes not wasting is a great passive way you can help with. When buying food, purchase only what you are going to use. About 25% of purchased groceries and food are thrown away in first world countries. Instead if you see you bought and not going to eat them, donate them before due date to local centers. Be mindful about the use of electricity, gas and water, some are not renewable resources, we need to be mindful. Paper printing. I work in an office, and I truly save paper, I am always looking for electronic archives and ways to save paper. Paper are trees, trees are oxygen.


Spread the word. Talk to your family, friends and those around you; creating awareness is so important. there are people who are oblivious to the fact that there are others they can help.


It is simple. Really, we just need to fight apathy, simple actions, make big differences don’t you think?


⊗We rise by lifting others – Robert G. Ingersoll⊗


Share with me other ideas that you have, or organizations you are supporting. Have a great day/week, Eli