Life is a Game We Play – Anchors to Happiness

Written on: July 23, 2017

In: Lifestyle by Elisa Coleclough

game we play

We do not need to take things so seriously really, but it does not mean be or act irresponsible. The fact to take things in a simple manner is not to become so stressful about goals, standards, instead try to enjoy life and surround ourselves with positivity and humility to keep on learning and teaching things.

For me, life is about balance. The middle between meeting our obligations and enjoying life, just like great Greek philosopher Plato would say.

The way I see it, balance is obtained inside out. When we are in peace and happy with ourselves, we are able to take better decisions and appreciate the people and the world differently.

In today’s life where everything is “fast and furious”, we really need to gain our own space. Whenever we gain insight to ourselves we are able to understand how we feel, appreciate, learn and communicate to and with the people around us.

But it easier said than done. There is a lot of stressful factors and situations, which interact with us every day. These are my anchors that help me remain still and calm and that remind me that life is game we play.

Be Better. I look for self-improvement but I do not compare myself to others. Improving is good as long as it is a health decision and does not imply comparing to others. As we all have different paths as per our spiritual evolution. I’d like to remind myself of that phrase that says: “everyone is fighting their own battle”. So look for new things to learn, new skills to develop, new ways to broaden your knowledge and exercise your body.

Love What You Do. Job is a key factor in our life, so it is important to find it satisfactory and challenging. Take into account that when you like what you do, you are more productive and happy and that reflects all around. So take a time and find a job that you like. If you already have one, find challenging new activities to add value to it.

Plants & Nature. I personally find nature very important, a way of connecting with our inner-self and a way to rest the mind. I always have plants around me, in my flat, and one small in my office, they are nice and clean the energy. By taking care of them we give love and rest our mind from what we are doing in that moment. At times at work, I would take a few minutes to take care of my plant, trim it, water it and then come back to the task I had left off with renewed energy. Actually, in some places in Europe plants are encouraged to be around in the office as it has been proven that people are more productive and creative in green environments.

Pets and Animals. Having a little being to take care of it, it is important for or mind, gives us two things, a sense of responsibility and love. It is well known that kids develop a sense of responsibility and awareness with a pet, well the same happens to all of us. It also makes us have a duty to our personal life and rest our minds. Receive and give unconditional love is important. Some people like to be on their own, but having a pet is a great way to give a receive love, and learn to love ourselves as well.

Hobbies. It is related with the fact that you can use it as a way to disconnect from work. As a passion, to develop creativity. As means of sharing your interests with others. A fun way to learn something new. For example, if you play and instrument, or if you like to cook, and do some manual work like knitting or painting is way to develop other parts your brain that you may have a bit neglected.

Running & Gym. You may say that it is only for those that really like to work out. The way I see it is that running for me is a great time for mindfulness, to listen to myself and clear my mind from the “background” noise. It is also a way to stay strong, mentally & physically. When you work out, you get to know that you are stronger than you think.  The more you exercise the less vulnerable you are to illness or depression for example. You are less prone to suffer a heart attack due to stress, because by actually releasing all the endorphins in a routine your body releases physical and mental tension at the same time that it gets stronger and healthier: win-win situation.

Meditation & Mindfulness.  I have to say this is something totally new for me. I started this year and it has helped me a lot. I do it now once a week or anytime during the day that I need it. The point about meditation is the ability to clearing and stilling your mind. Away from the noise and the emotion. Simple, clear, kind. The point is that we at the beginning meditation is really difficult and you never cease to think. But then eventually it gets better and or me now it is quite a lot easier to concentrate in that one image that brings me peace. So during the day, when I need to “wind-down” and relax to concentrate and react better. I find a peaceful spot for a few minutes, close my eyes, concentrate in breathing. I feel then how the peace starts to invade my body and mind. That is why, I think meditation and mindfulness is important concepts to anchor into our lives.

Thankful and Kind.  When you realize that every day that goes by with good health, positivity, family, friends, job, strength, etc. is a gift, then you become thankful. When you are kind to the universe, it speaks back to you. As I have said, life and its force have mysterious ways, but one of them is that when you are kind and thankful to yourself, and to your environment, life becomes softer, kinder, easier and overflows gently with all its love

These are my anchors to happiness, share yours with me. Looking forward to your comments in the box below. Have a great day!.