Mind the Gap

Written on: April 5, 2018

In: Lifestyle by Elisa Coleclough

Mind the Gap – 8 Gaps that prevent YOU from success

♣Mind the Gap – 8 Gaps that prevent YOU from success♣


There are some “Gaps” that are more like “traps” because they get us exactly in the same spot where we are, with no action, paralyzed for a kind of fear or other.


However, we need to remember that life lessons do not come with sweets, they usually appear in shapes like hardship and failure, loss and deception. It is how we react to them that will set apart winners and losers (I do not like very much this word actually, because they do not lose; they simply can not see the way right away).


The ones that prevail are the ones that face the challenges head on, they refuse to get into any of the following gaps:



The Assumption Gap – I assume that I will automatically grow. As I have mentioned in other blogs, growth has a price to pay which is self-development. We all need to realize that growth is not a destination is a path… a continuous improvement process that only ends when we leave this world forever…or not, because we really do not know what is beyond death, do we?


The Knowledge Gap – I do not know how to grow. The fact is life does not come with a desk guide; if  we are doing the things correctly, more often than seldom challenges will be bigger than expected, this means we are on the right track. As John C. Maxwell states in the “Law of Environment”:


♥“if you are always at the head of the class, then you are in the wrong class”♥


Look to be challenged so your growth does not stop.


The Timing Gap – It is not the right time to begin. I can tell you one thing: either the time is always right or the time is never right. For us, human beings, the time is never right, we are never entirely ready. For the universe we are on the right time and that is called “divine timing”. So flow, accept that we will be always learning, constantly growing and challenges will always be bigger than we thought.



The Mistake Gap – I am afraid of making mistakes. If you are a perfectionist like me, you will understand this: mistakes are something we dread. I have come to terms with the fact that mistakes means I am trying, it means I am learning, it means I am on the right path. Remember what I have already mentioned, if we are the smartest in the room, probably, we are in the wrong room. Yes, I know it is hard, but it is the way it is to expand consciousness. I recommend this blog on this subject.



The Perfection Gap – I have to find the best way before I start. This is similar to one above, looking for the best way, the perfect way. Guess what? Even if you find the perfect way, after you passed the test, there will be always a better, simpler way to work things out. And that is alright, it means we are not settled with the results, we are constantly analyzing our results and its causes despite the outcome. In case you missed my blog on this topic is here.(LINK)


The Inspiration Gap – I do not feel like doing it. This happens to all of us, especially to artists, musicians, etc. Even when I write, I think…” Hell, may be this won’t be a master piece” and yes, each blog is different but the more I write the more I feel at ease. Some are better, some are not, but the fact is that I keep on communicating what I feel and think. Eventually, I will become a master and then… I will say again “this can be improved”


The Comparison Gap  — Others are better than I am. This is the modern century disease, or at least this is how I see it. With social media, I see that we are more open to comparison. Comparison is good to a certain degree and harmful to other. We only need to keep in mind, we all have different paths, and we all take different approaches, it does not mean we are not moving. “Success” is also defined by the times we “fail” and get back on our feet again and not simply by the “happy pinky ever-glowing times”. Be aware.


The Expectation Gap – I thought it would be easier than this. Despite of the type of personality we are, at some point in life, we are faced with challenges and tests than are bigger than we expected them. And for this I will refer to a story from an email of Christian Simpson in which he decides to climb the Cribb Goch in North Wales landscapes in the UK.


During his ascend, there is a moment in which he was just paralyzed by his effort and thinking how hard it all had been, and old man passed just right by his side and asks him “first time son?”. The man, a senior seasoned climber seems to make no effort as he easily climbs up that treacherous place. Christian right there figures out whatever the challenge if we face it several times, we will master it. When I read his story, I could not agree more. This is the way it is.


I can tell you about myself and several times I have embraced challenges that were both dangerous and bigger than I thought. Times in which I was not experienced enough and I was petrified, glancing sideways and thinking…if I fall on this side of the road for sure I get killed, on other side, if I fall on this side, for sure I will break a couple of bones (for instance the one in the front pic of this blog)… but guess what? The same as Christian’s story, the more I embraced similar challenges the more I would get used to adrenaline, fear thus dominating my own fright and conquering my goal. Eventually, it all becomes easier, then you have to find something new to grow on. I recommend you this previous blog on benchmarking and purposely outgrowing yourself




I hope you have a great week/day and remember be aware of the “traps”, I mean the “gaps” 🙂