Successful people are like fine wines

Written on: April 9, 2018

In: Lifestyle by Elisa Coleclough

like fine wines

Successful people are like fine wines – 3 ingredients to “season” your daily life


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to have dinner with a knowledgeable person in wines and its subtleties. It is always a pleasure to find someone who appreciates the process and the real flavor of each varietal other than simply drinking an expensive or exclusive wine.


For me, wine is more than just simply opening up a bottle and drinking in with the right meal, whether it is red, rosé, white, etc. For me wine is about knowledge, patience, process, care, time and above all is about art. The art of bringing perfect flavors from the combination of weather, grape, terroir and process. It is a perfect equation that strikes different results as the process unfolds unique in its time of harvest, and so on.


During that conversation I was left thinking of how much human beings resemble to that very same process of wine-making. For a fine wine ages and it becomes better and its prices sky-rockets. On the other hand, common wines never last and eventually they go-off and become undrinkable.


I think that we are all products of our terroir, as our environment shapes us. However, in time, we can decide about our own process. Unlike the grapes, we can choose our process and by doing so, we are setting stepping stones to become one of those fine wines which age only to become better and more valuable to those wine lovers able to afford such rarities.


“Being organized gives a sense of power” — John C. Maxwell


We are born into places and eventually we are able to choose the different weather we are going to experience, name it our education for example. If you were born in a country like mine, where university or college is actually free, you are entitled to do at your best of your abilities and get a degree. It is a way to start electing the weather you are experiencing. Effort at young age will pay off eventually.


What we need to understand is that just like wine, we are in a process. It is not that we are in a process and we will be bottled once and for all to be displayed for sale. Actually, we are a little bit different in that sense, our process should be continuous in order for us to be constantly and purposefully develop ourselves into a better version, a “finer wine”. We all want to be the king’s wine, right? The truth is that our self-limiting beliefs shape us and also narrow our possibilities. We need to work in silence within our “oak barrels” to develop our abilities, mind, consciousness and self-awareness. The constant work will not always be seen immediately but believe me from the strong foundations will have a solid structure emerge ready to conquer the skyline.


Some people decide to “age” fast, it means to take shortcuts. There are no shortcuts to success, happiness of fulfillment. We all have different process at different periods of our life, and that timing is actually unique, as unique is each grape.


As you may know (or not), some wines are aged chemically and they are added “aggregates” for aging. Actually many of those wines you find in the super market, for example, they never touched an “oak barrel” they were chemically processed in metal containers, and if they ever were in an “oak barrel” it was maybe weeks to get the “wood” flavor. However, for those “connoisseurs” organically aged wines taste and feel different.


When you pay for an expensive wine, you pay for time, the real time. When we work in ourselves, either we study to get a degree or we engage ourselves in a coaching process to develop our “soft skills” we take time. We also pay time. In both cases, in the wine case and in our life case time invested pay-off in quality and excellence.


In order to ferment like a perfect wine, we need to add these 3 ingredients (take note):


  • Unconditional love (for ourselves and others)
  • Good self-image (we appreciate the world based on our own image)
  • Self-discipline and purpose (life best moments come with perseverance and having a clear purpose of who we want to be)


The above set our character foundations like our roots to grapevines, and it brings me to a quote I love by John:



“Developing good character traits is the best insurance for handling with difficult days in the future” – John C. Maxwell



Unlike the wine, we will not be bottled until we decide we stop learning thus growing. I truly hope that day is the day we meet our maker not a day, not a night before. Whatever we learn we are growing, our brain is alive, the more we learn to reason and how to think the more internal growth that will come to our life. Add discipline, perseverance and purpose to your life and you will age beautifully, impeccably. Remember, at school we are thought what to think not how to think; we have the rest of our life to learn how to think.


I am not sure about you, but I want to be a fine wine, long before I am bottled, I want to be remembered for the good deeds, to get better with time, to leave a legacy… and no, I am not thinking about saving “the” world, I am thinking about improving “my” world and that of those around me. I hope you do too.


Take care and have a great week/day. Eli