Tidiness – Physical Spaces

Written on: November 6, 2017

In: Lifestyle by Elisa Coleclough


Have you entered into a place in which you simply feel you want to remain in there, because it is neat, elegant or cozy and welcoming? Well, it is so nice to be in a place like this, you simply do not want to leave.


I have to say that the order in a person’s physical space reflects personality traits. According to psychologists it reflects balance and emotional stability. I am not an expert on the topic, but what I can say is that when I am within a tidy space I feel with better disposition to talk, work, meet, have lunch, etc.


Sometimes, it is not the space itself, it is the way it is decorated, ordered and organized. Here are some reasons that I have found useful while becoming more organized and tidy in all senses, hope they are useful to you too:


No shame. First of all, everyone is messy at some point. The way I see it is there are life aspects in which we naturally tend to be more organized than others. The important thing is to recognize those areas that require improvement.


Useful only. Keep only what you use. What you have not used for a while is trash. Yes, you read well, trash. Papers, old banking / advertising correspondence, etc, are only a way to keep dust in places and drawers.


Oxygen. The more organized you are with all around, will bring oxygen to you. If you have windows, open them. I love spaces that no matter how small or big they are, when you enter the are fresh. You may have air-conditioning or heating, but remember, to vent the rooms with natural air (if possible).


Space. The more space you have in your desk, home, place you do your homework, the more inspired you are going to feel. You can relax, take a cup of tea or coffee and the fact that all around you is in order is so powerful that you will feel it.


Personality. Clean, clear spaces, look minimalist, elegant, neat, put together, reflect a personality that is “in order”. And we all want to have positive images, right?


Vitality. Physical space, bring vitality to your brain. Did you know that Architects or creative studios actually foster high ceilings because they are proven to enforce creativity?  Also, colors have an effect in our minds. Personally, I find dark colors very elegant, but it is also true that they only work with big spaces, and in small ones it is better to have light colors.


Concentration. According to behavioral studies, clean open spaces encourage faster, easier knowledge assimilation by increasing concentration for longer periods. I remember when I was at University I used to clear all my study table and focus on geometry one of my favorite subjects. It did work, I seemed to spend hours undisturbed doing my exercises in a calm and happy mood (plus always got excellent notes).


Nothing on the table. When I enter my home, and I see my kitchen is clean and neat, I want to cook. When I see that the dishes have not been done, honestly, I do not even want to look at the kitchen door. The same happens with my desk. As I leave in the evening, I keep my desk as clean as possible from all papers. I either shred them or keep them under shelves, for two reasons: 95% of the papers I work with are confidential, and second next day, when I want to start working in an organized space.


Furniture/Container. It is simple when you are in an office, you can quickly realize that maybe you need an extra cabinet to keep your files. It is not so black-and-white when it comes to personal space whatsoever.  Sometimes, all it takes to keep all in order is the right furniture, cabinet, container, organizer. Small things make such a great difference.


Your Home is a living space not a storage space – Francine Jay


Get rid of the trash. Maybe you need to get rid of items you no longer use, because they are utilizing space. Review periodically what you keep. By doing this often you will want to keep only what is in good condition and what is useful. With this, you will get to a place (home, work, school space) to which you really want to stay.


Make it a habit.  The neater you become, the less trashy items you will keep. Having everything in order becomes a routine, and you start doing it without having to “force yourself to order”. You will need to work on it for the first days though. Some people say that it takes, 21days, 30days other say 90 days to incorporate a routine into your life. From my personal view, the time may vary from person to person and from habit to habit. I have been able to shift habits in 21days, but others, more “old” have taken me up to 3 months to change.


Discipline. The order you have in your physical space impacts in your discipline. Check how people who are well organized with their physical stuff, they are usually organized in other life scopes as well.


KonMari Method. Personally, I follow this method for my clothes, books, kitchen, linens, towels, etc. There is a checklist for everything, which I truly find useful, especially in the beginning when you are learning how to deal with all. (I am also a fan of checklists).


Ideas. I also recommend that if you want to organize your room, house, office, or any other space, and you have no ideas where to start or what style you would like, use social media. Apps like Pinterest or Instagram (there are many others) will help you with ideas about styles you can relate.


Motivation. Finally, being organized and having a nice space requires motivation, that is why I urge you to check ideas on how you would like to spaces to look. The more similar spaces you see, the more you will want to start dealing with the spaces, getting right furniture (if necessary), getting rid of things you do not use/like. (remember you can always sell them or even better donate them to make a difference in your community).


Be the energy you want to attract.


Feng Shui. You want to align the positive energy in your spaces, you can follow the rules of the Feng Shui (which also talks about the order and clean spaces). Those who know me personally, will know that I love plants. I have them at home, I keep them very neat, and they bring that green vibe to the environments and balcony.


Simply is pretty. Although, I love deco at home, I am a minimalist within my office space. I find under certain circumstances simplicity is elegant, especially in small working spaces. As Alicia Keys would say:


Simplicity makes me happy


Personally, I can tell you that becoming more aware of the impact of tidiness has made a great difference. I was not always that organized, it has been the result of constant personal effort. What I am trying to say, is that if you set your mind to it, you will make it a habit and the quality of the spaces you inhabit will increase significantly and with them your happiness.


Looking forward to reading your comments in the box below. Have a great day/week, Eli