The Versatile Blogger Award 2017

Written on: October 1, 2017

In: Lifestyle by Elisa Coleclough

versatile blogger award

I was absolutely thrilled to be nominated by Chloepluscoffee to the  Versatile Blogger Award. Drop by Chloe’s page, she’s got great lifestyle content related. Here is also her you tube channel.


For the past 7 months I have embarked in this great adventure that is blogging. I have met amazing gals in who share their dreams, ambition, motivation, inspiration, product reviews, awesome places to visit, great places to eat, life inspiring stories, and tips about beauty products.


Having said that, I thought about 7 facts that (almost) no one knows about me but definitely define me as to who I am, I hope you can relate to some of them:




I was born in Mexico City and then moved to Argentina about 6 years ago. My family is a mix of different origins, mostly Spanish and French, but also Jew-German and Indigenous. My husband is Argentine with English, Danish origins. All this makes me embrace and respect diversity!




Why I love running. When I was 13 years old I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. I wanted to be the “perfect daughter” good student, good in sports, participate in theater and had what in my mind was the perfect silhouette. It took me many years to realize I had an eating disorder and to overcome it. About 4 years ago, I went to the other extreme and gained a few pounds due to depression. Working out and running brought me back in shape in all senses, but in a positive way. Running led me to healthy eating habits without counting the calories but more focused on a good balance of fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbs, along with drinking enough water to support my immune system and gain strength.




My first travel abroad was until I started working (at the age of 21). Before that, all I knew about the world was in maps and books. My easy and cheap way to travel was with a book on my lap and the dreams in my mind. I haven’t traveled to all the places that I would love, but they are certainly on my wish list (maybe I can share later a post of my “dream places to visit”)


Fun Love Story


I met my husband over the phone. Yes, over the phone. We worked for the same company. I was in Mexico and he was in Argentina tough. He offered IT support and once I called him for help because my computer was “dead”.  At the moment, I never thought I would find love in such a situation, but I did. We were in a virtual relationship for about 6 months and then he moved to Mexico City, where we got married… (maybe I will once write about this fun love story).


Weird Foods


I have eaten many strange foods in my life: ant eggs, grasshoppers, bugs (some I ate them while they were alive –I’ll do a post maybe about it), escargots, sea nail, tortoise meat, alligator, rat, guanaco, monkey, worms, frog legs, shark fin…and guess what?? Some were absolutely delicious!!!


Arts fan


My granny taught me how to dance Jota Aragonesa with castañuelas. I also took ballet and jazz lessons for many years. Although, I love music, I can only play a few Christmas carols with flute. I was part of the School Choir and during my teenage years my friends and I had a band and we did covers (I was the singer and played the tambourine).




My favorite bands are: Die Toten Hosen, The Cure, Oasis, Aerosmith, Heroes del Silencio, Depeche Mode, Texas, and AC/DC.



I nominate the following 7 blogger babes who commented my posts.









Good luck gals!