5 fun activities to cheer up your day

Written on: May 29, 2017

In: Motivation by Elisa Coleclough

smile happy

Mainly undermined, thinking is a powerful tool; we use it for ideas, and for trivial stuff, but we should never use it for negative things. The way we think shapes out world, and draws the people and opportunities we have, the solutions to the problems, and the challenges that make us grow are also a part of our thinking.   Here some tips that work for me:

Look on the bright side.  As you open your eyes, think about something good or positive, feel it, even if it is just a cup of hot coffee, it will bring you happiness and slowly you will start smiling in your bed, wanting to get up! Another thing that works for me, is to set a happy tone for the alarm clock, and change it regularly, so that our brain does not get used to it. The idea is that you wake up looking on the bright side!

Smile. Did you know when on the phone, if you smile the person on the other side of the line can sense you are smiling? Never underestimate the power of smiling. I work in an office but I always play some music/ or a positive quote/or a poem (love poetry) right before arriving or upon setting my things on my desk. The point is that your heart cherishes and your face smiles!

Celebrate success. Take small notes at night, of the things you did WELL. I am not talking about extraordinary things, I am talking about those daily cool achievements; helping an old lady get on the bus, clapping to the street musician, calling an old friend or your grandma, going to gym/Pilates/yoga, telling a silly joke that made everybody laugh, or even cooking something nice without being burnt, that’s what I am talking about. When you are able to see all the cool things you have done every day, you will be amazed…

Sing/play. Did you know that when we sing, there are some special vibrations that come from our body and the heart synchronizes and then you are actually vibrating higher than regularly? So, no matter that you don’t have a wonderful voice, sing for yourself, or whistle, or dance while you hum your favorite song, energy will flow thru your body. If you play an instrument practice it, it is a nice way to “tune” yourself into positive vibes.

Try something fun & new. At the beginning of this year, I realized that there were many things that I wanted to do, but I had not had the time to do; were they big things? No. Were they difficult things? No. But before, I had not put myself to it. So I chose 6 things and I said: “ok these I am gonna do this 2017”. Every other month I do one of these things. And believe me I have so far found time to do them. And they have been a lot of fun.

When you use your mind for the positive stuff and look on the bright side, amazing things start happening. Positive & fun people come to your life. New projects start. You find yourself doing things that you thought might be impossible, and you are full of positive energy. What are you waiting for?