8 lessons blogging taught me

Written on: August 14, 2017

In: Motivation by Elisa Coleclough


If you are blogger and you are reading this, you will definitely know what I am talking about, if you are not you will find out as you read.  Let’s begin by saying that there are some misconceptions as to what being a blogger means, people think that you are surrounded by super beauty brands, and live in the glamourous world. But there are many types of bloggers, and there are many styles to it, what they all have in common is that being a blogger takes effort, passion and creativity, and teaches you a lot, let me share with you what I have learnt so far:


1.Feed your social media with either nice content of ad-hoc pictures and twits. You are aware that whatever you post is public and followers will judge it for better or worse.


2.Self-criticism. You look at yourself and see what you can do and are not doing.


3.Open to feedback. Some people will comment your blogs and feedback is important. some others are just the hatters, but they also teach us a lot, like for example resilience. This is gold in whatever area of your life. You might respond but never react badly.


4.Learning. As a woman, I relate to my fellow bloggers, and truly, I get to learn about them. They are so clever, and I learn to deal efficiently with passive-aggressive comments in a constructive way.


5.Creativity. Whoever blogs, know this, it is all about creativity, we need to become creative and bring new things to our social media. Another fact is that all the work that goes for keeping a blog is a lot. And planning and time management is key. Most of us we have regular jobs and we do this as a passion so we need to make the most of our free time.


6.Build relationships. In this business, we have never seen each other, but we talk with each other, we join in virtual groups for feedback and inspiration. We are building relationships with people that might be thousands of miles away so communication and respect is key to get to know other fellow bloggers.


7.Shy no more. If you are shy, forget it, this is a good therapy. We need to express in words what we think, whether it is right or wrong it is our point of view. At the beginning I was afraid to show my face, but eventually I learnt some great make up tips from fellow bloggers and my pics are nicer, it also helps me to improve my  physical presence at work everyday and increase self-esteem. It is all about confidence.


8.Boost your confidence. Remember, one thing, there are two types of people, those who criticize: the ones that are afraid to show their face and opinions publicly. Those are the ones who dare and blog. The first ones are usually no use and rude. The second group of people give your feedback and help you be a better person.


Share your thoughts and experiences with me and have a great day! Eli