9 traits my father shaped in my character

Written on: June 19, 2017

In: Motivation by Elisa Coleclough


June is the month of the father, many countries celebrate it and mine is no exception to that rule.

So I took this opportunity to actually make a list of all the most important things my dad taught me, and which have actually shaped my character in a positive way. Here are the 9 things:


  1. People are worth for what they are, their kindness, their knowledge not by their looks. My dad taught me to value myself and others by their values and kindness not by the way they looked. I realize now how important that was because made me see thru people and choose good-hearted long-lasting friends who up to now remaind in touch with me.


  1. Knowledge is power. This made me a woman of study because knowledge was a cornerstone for my dad and he always mentioned examples of women who had changed the world with their science, arts and inventions. So I wanted to be like them, no need to press me to have good grades. I was a natural for seeking the knowledge on my own.


  1. Healthy mind in healthy body. He said sports were fun and to have a strong body would be as important as being smart. So he cherished my being the fastest runner-girl at school as much as my being good at math or history. Up to now, sports and physical activity are a cornerstone in my daily routine.


  1. Art is supreme. My dad is a sculptor, though he actually worked as a director in the Institute of Fine Arts, he taught me to appreciate art in all its forms. He also liked my being creative and I took ballet and jazz. Presently, I love art, everywhere I go I visit the museums or attend a play, concert or a show is my way to getting the actual gist of a place.


  1. Girls can do whatever they set their minds to. As an only child, my dad would play football with me, back then football was not a common sport for girls. But he always told me that I should not fear to be a girl, because our strength does not lie in our muscle force, but in our hearts. So yes, I did play football at school with the other kids, we were only 3 girls in the team, and boys respected us because we played with a lot passion and team spirit.


  1. The world is an interesting place full of differences but that is the fun. My dad used to show me the map and told me stories about other cultures, how they lived, their customs, legends, etc. He also said that there were other ways of living, they were not good or bad, simply different and it was important for me to learn to respect them. This has proved very helpful as an adult, especially with food. When I encounter something I have not tried before and it looks strange I ask what it is, its meaning, how it was cooked and I always give it a try. About 90% of time the new food has been actually delicious and I have been fun to try them. Also if I had not tasted them, I would have been rude as I was offered them as an “honor” for being guest.


  1. Whatever you do, do it with love. My father told me two things, to do what I love and to love what I do. You could see he loved his job and he was always calm, smiling and happy with life. So when I chose to study Accounting and Finance, he asked me if I would be happy to do that for the rest of my life and that the only thing he wanted from me was that I did my best every day. So, I tend to look at the bright side on every situation in life.


  1. Respect and love for animals. My dad taught me that animals could not communicate with us with language but we need to treat them with respect and take care of them. As I child, my dad and I were on regular basis volunteers to help in a stray-dogs shelter. Nowadays, I collaborate regularly with organizations for cats and dogs which help the animals get a new home.


  1. Cars. My father taught me a lot about cars, so I am the type of girl who in a conversation about cars knows as much as men do. My dad & I share one favorite car and that is the Shelby Cobra 1965, though my own favorite is Aston Martin DB5 1963.


Share with me which were the values that your dad shaped in you! Or that, you as dad, want to shape in your kids!