First Time

Written on: April 24, 2017

In: Motivation by Elisa Coleclough


This is the first entry for this blog and I am inspired by the moto “You can do epic shit with basic people”. Valuable things might come inside shitty wrappings if you know what I mean. Joys, love, growth, luck comes either unexpected or when there is no hope left, or when we think we are complete, and nothing is missing in our lives. It is like the best is yet to come! And suddenly there is the love your life, the great opportunity to move to another country, the trip you thought “one day I will take”; or suddenly you realize you are sitting on a beach and it feels like a Deja vu, because you know we have already been there before with our minds, in our dreams.

Some people call it the universe, the mind, the secret, God, I call it motivation. For me, it represents motion and motif at the same time, so the action and the desire hand in hand. It is motivation though, which has got me few times being knocked on the ground, because I did a mistake, or I missed something, but the it brings me back on my feet again. I can tell you that most of the times, chasing my dreams has come with a good deal of lessons learned. Harsh times in which all those “know-it-alls” come and tell me  things like: “all millionaires lost it all several times, before they are where they are now”, and I catch myself thinking “yes, but I am not them and shit that was all I had, and I did not intend to become the next Forbes cover for this year”.  The truth is that if I had a time machine, there a very few mistakes that I would not do again, and the reason is that doing them was necessary, led me to meet fun people, see amazing places and treasure memories that though painful at a times, taught me a lot and made me a more “mature” person, but above all these events have shown me that I am not made of “crystal” and I am hard as nails to endure that and much more.