Shelter your vibe

Written on: June 6, 2017

In: Motivation by Elisa Coleclough


I believe that we are energy, and all the magnetic fields that we generate around us either attract the good things or the bad things. Has it ever happened to you that on a happy day something unbelievable and highly-unlikely suddenly occurs? And you do not even know how it happened. All the forces came together to work their magic and that outstanding event simply took place.

Whether we like it or not we are social animals, and we like to interact with different kinds of people. Sometimes these interactions are extremely rewarding or challenging and keep up you motivated coming for more. At other times, they simply bring you down. Behaviors are related to people backgrounds and life experiences so, it is easy to understand that there are some individuals with who we simply tune in perfectly and others who do not tune in with us at all.   People we like usually have some common interests, or hobbies or background, and of course there are other thing which can be totally opposite but they actually seem to complete us.

Criticism is good as long as it challenges and actually offers a different point of view, makes us consider new alternatives and uses creativity to broaden our senses.  However, there are folks who criticize and complain mostly about everything and nothing is ever good enough for them, there is no good news, and their perception of options, possibilities and future is literally grey.

Detox from negative vibes.  It is easy to spot those folks with low vibes running down all efforts or attempts to defy status quo or to do anything challenging. So you are like “ I am going to conquer the moon!” and they go “But the moon is far, how are  you going to go? And the tickets are expensive?” And then after those comments you start feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders and simply loose the gig … well you are getting the idea. Most likely those people will never bring anything new or exciting to your life. My advice is: avoid them.

The difficult part comes when your kin, friends, partner anyone who actually love us are those energy vampires. Does it mean they have stopped loving us and they only mean evil? No. Simply, the way they consider life is entirely different to ours. Should we never talk to them again? Of course not!  Certain people find challenges in life extremely disturbing so they try to avoid them at any cost. They actually feel that by shattering our high expectations to the floor they will help us. We will put our feet back down on the ground and lead a sort of “safe” life.  The more we try to make them understand that there are other ways to approach situations, they will be biased in favor of their own. My advice: waste no time or effort in changing their minds, because they will not.

What is the solution then? Simply we should “compartmentalize” our relationship with them.

compartmentalization works because it allows us to keep in contact with them without distress to the relation while keeping our energy intact. You may say that energy is a minor thing, but if you stay long enough in a low vibe environment headache, sadness and lack of hope will install sort of permanently into your psyche. Although, I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist or anything like that, my experience leading project teams to achieve sometimes what I call “far-fetched” results comes down to a good team rapport counts. The more I keep low vibes away from my group the more the creativity, participation and innovation are stimulated to achieve results.

In a nutshell, be open to criticism as long as it is constructive, shelter yourself from those energy vampires, and learn to compartmentalize your relationships. Not everybody needs to think like us, but remember to keep up the good vibes!