Easy Steps to Become a True Runner

Written on: May 8, 2017

In: Running by Elisa Coleclough

It is said: “You know you are a true runner when you feel guilty if you did not run at least 5 days a week”, so I come to the conclusion that I am run-lover to the bone, I run 7 days a week, no matter if it rains or if it is too hot, there is always some perfect time to go out for a run.

I feel so good when after a though day or before a presentation I go running, body releases endorphins, it is like going to the shrink but with music, and you have nice legs along the way and the best part of it all: it is free. You can run as long as you want, time does not matter because the fact is that you feel strong and energized after a good run.  There has been sometimes in which I have had so much stress that I thought I would not be able to sleep, but after a good run under nice fresh air, I would then fall like a feather on the pillow.

So far, I have run 3 times formal half marathons, eventually those 21k runs are coming as weekly routine, so my new goal is to run full marathon this year.  But I actually started 2 years ago running, how did I get there? The need to be in good shape while having fun outdoors. Would you like to start running or doing some outdoor exercise? First of all, let me tell you it is an excellent cardio and will help stabilize blood pressure, boost your metabolism and help you detox in many ways. Having said that, if you are not into sports, you can start with an easy 30mins walk around the park for the first one month, as soon as you feel that you can do it without losing your breath, step up and alternate 5mins run per 10mins walk, believe me, all you need to do is start jogging, no need to run like Usain Bolt. The important part is that your heart and your whole body, especially your heart gets used to cardio workout.

What are you waiting for? Start, but keep yourself hydrated and remember to stretch. ALWAYS STRETCH, it is as important as the exercise itself, oxygenates the body and prevents sore muscles and gets you ready to do it all over again next day!

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks, on routines, food and gear… have great beginning of a run!