Have Your Eyes Checked

Written on: June 26, 2017

In: Running by Elisa Coleclough

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Dear runner, have your eyes checked.

Well, yes, I may sound like a granny, or so my friends say, because lately I have very much concerned in having all the health checkups done. And let me tell you I do not regret paying a visit to the doctors. I have come to realize that when we are in good health, we tend to neglect pain and small injuries and think we are sort of invincible. Actually, it is when we are in good health we need to have annual checkups done to remain in good health. So it was the time I went to the ophthalmologist (in some countries you go to the optometrist for checkup). Let me tell you about it:

Basically, I went because I work a lot with computer, finance work demands that I be on the computer with long excel sheet and my SAP analyzing stuff. Actually, I use glasses mostly to protect my eyes from the light of the computer.

However, I have recently started to feel like my eyes were drier than usual. Though I drink a lot of water usually 2.5 to 3 liters per day, there seemed my eyes were dehydrated.

Upon the checkup, I found out two things, that I needed extra graduation for long distance view and that I can use some eye drops to moisturize my eyes. Also, I learnt that there is new technology that actually protects our eyes better, it is called blue light cut (check this link is pretty useful info). It basically prevents the blue light (which is in every screen) from damaging our eyes.

Additionally, I found out that it is important for the runners, to take care of our eyes, and when we run in sunny outdoors, it is important to protect our eyes with a cap or sunglasses. And you know what, I realized that some professional marathoners actually use very cool sun glasses. So now you know, in summer protect your eyes. Also after a run under the sun, you might want to use refreshing eye drops (ask your ophthalmologist or optometrist which ones are suitable for you)

Remember to blink and take breaks away from the computer and any screen to give your eyes a break. The specialist gave me a series of exercises that I can do when I take away my eyes from the screen, they will help rest and also maintain the ocular nerves healthy. The exercises are kind of funny looking at, I have to move my eyes in a series of directions and blink, so I usually go to a private place to do them, but I do them once a day. (ask your specialist which exercises are good for you)

No matter the color of your eyes, you need to take care of them. I was under the wrong assumption than the darker the eyes, the less dangerous the light was. But he told me it is not true. Eyes need to be taken care of and it is ok to have at least every 18months a checkup.

Personally, I am fond of glasses (I am a nerd remember), they kind of go with my personality, but if you do not want to wear glasses, there are contact lenses which also have protection and remember, have your eyes checked. Healthy runner = happy runner.

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