Lifestyle of a Runner

Written on: July 11, 2017

In: Running by Elisa Coleclough

running lifestyle

The lifestyle of a runner.

For me running is more than just a run, it is a whole lifestyle. The way I see it is that you start adopting positive attitudes and habits. Let me share with you what I found:


A better version of you. Well, usually you are competing against yourself, unless of course you are a top front-runner sponsored by brands. You start feeling that your best time, achievement, distance is the one that is faster, stronger and longer than the one before. One step further is always an achievement.


Good healthy habits. When you run regularly, it becomes an addition, so you want to do it regularly, and for that you need to eat proteins, carbs, glucose, etc., all those things that make your body whole and strong. Slowly but surely you start eating better and healthier.


Runner attracts runners. Well, if you run, you befriend people who run which directly impacts in your motivation to run. You want to run because your friends run and vice versa. Also, you start getting to find out about races. One day simply give it your first try and run your first marathon. There is no turning back to this point. It is like a drug (its endorphins). You realize that the satisfaction of running a marathon is bigger than the pain. And you want to do it again!


Going to gym, doing Pilates or yoga. What happens is that if you were not the gym-goer type before, you start realizing that in order to improve your running there are other activities that can help you do that. Then you start doing yoga, stretching or Pilates for muscle strength and to oxygenate your body. Or you start trying some body pump, or weights to strengthen your legs and arms. And there you go: a total addicted to going exercise once a day.


Shrink, mindfulness, meditation and running. Well, the truth is that running is a way for me to have a time for yourself. No matter if you run alone or in groups, if you long distance, you will have enough time to see deeper in your mind. If it was a stressful day at work you will run like mad, faster or longer than usually, and then you will feel relieved. it is just the path, your legs and your mind, so the thoughts come to your head slowly and you can analyze them calmly while running. If you are doing therapy or recovering from a mental illness it is the time when you actually can go back and analyze in silence all those sessions and thoughts and put them in order while you are oxygenating your body.


It’s the music, it’s the road, it’s the spirit, it’s the endorphins, it’s the senses of achievement, but there is something that unarguably will make you happier with yourself.


Parental advisory: running might cause a strong addiction to running, feeling inexplicably happy and signing for marathons.


If you are a runner, tell me if you have experienced some of the above mentioned points? Can you share other points with me? Comments below. Thank you!