My Training Tips

Written on: October 12, 2017

In: Running by Elisa Coleclough


I recently ran a poll on Twitter to see which topics would be of interested in relation to running topic.

Two came up with “tied”: Why I signed up for my first Marathon and My Training Tips. So I decided to start with my 9 training tips. Hope you find them inspiring and helpful and if you are not working out already, start today:


  • Try different workouts: you may think that one workout is for you, and when you try it, you really do not feel engaged, so try others. Or the other way around, you might not feel so attracted to an activity but when you start, suddenly you are all too connected and committed. So, try indoor and outdoor activities, try different ones, spinning, running, Zumba classes, yoga, martial arts, rowing, etc… you are going to find the one that suits you!


  • Foster motivation not frustration. Having said the point above, it is very important that you do not spend a lot of money on gym clothes, before you find the activity that truly suits you. I have known people that spend a lot of money on fine clothes for an activity that will never practice and that all brings on frustration. Instead, I suggest you do my approach, wear your old stuff, try different activities, once you find the one you love and you actually start doing it, then invest in nice fine clothes for the gym. Also, consider that if you happen to like martial arts, running clothes won’t suit you and the other way around too. After all you want your clothes to be an agent of motivation, right?


  • Consistency and Resilience. I am not going to lie. In order to become good at something, you need to sweat, it is going to be hard, but “no pain, no gain”. Slowly you’ll find out that you perform better, or longer, or with less effort, but allow some time. Practice regularly, set yourself days of the week, or how many minutes daily you are to practice. Always, set attainable schedules, so you can meet them. Maybe there will be times when you did not perform well, but you need to get over it and try another day. After all life is not about having right all the time, it is about overcoming those “bad hair” days and getting up on your feet.


  • Think and set a goal. Eventually, you will realize you are doing just fine, and you want to participate in events of the sport you are doing. So find out, group activities, or special events. In the case of running, find out about local marathons. Start with attainable fun goals, like small runs, i.e. Halloween run is Buenos Aires is 5k. Pretty good if you are starting, and you will have fun! Remember, the ultimate goal of a hobby is to feel good, reset your energy, release stress and have fun!


  • One step at a time. This is my approach to anything I do. Before I ran, I jogged, before I jogged, I walked. So I started from easy to more complex. Slowly and consistently you will get there. Commit!


  • Take ownership. When you are working out, maybe there will be days, that you do not want to work out, but those are the days that you need to. Because part of exercising is to “tame” the mind. So you are not only building up on a healthier, stronger body, but on your will power, your self-motivation that no matter if things are hard, you will get over it.


  • Feel competent and in control of your success. There will be these people that have perfect bodies and work out like insane. And there will be you. But remember, Rome was not build in a day. Those people worked hard. So you know you are on your way, appreciate yourself, take one step at a time, work at the best of your abilities, be consistent, be committed, take ownership. You will get there!


  • Celebrate your success. Every time you work out, celebrate your work out. It is not a cliché. It is necessary. Feel good. You did not want to go to the gym because it was raining and you went: feel good. You wanted to stay in bed, but woke up to go for a morning run: feel proud. You swam faster and stronger: feel the achievement. If you do not celebrate yourself, no one else will. But if you do celebrate yourself, you are sending your brain positive signals, of self-love, self-care, achievement, commitment and reward.


  • Find your tribe. Your workout buddies will come your way. Because, you attract what you are. So you’ll realize than the sooner you start participating in group activities, you will find motivated people and eventually procrastination won’t be an issue. Cause, you are a tribe that train and motivate together!


Let me share with you a small story of mine. When I re-started going to the gym, all my clothes were horrible, colors did not match at all, but they were gym clothes. Eventually, I started training every day, one hour daily, so I bought nicer clothes. But when I found I loved running, there I started investing. For my birthday, I usually get running clothes, so my gym wardrobe has built on with the years, as well as my motivation to wear them and sweat them running/training for hours. (and in case you wonder, the girl in the picture is me, celebrating my birthday —love outdoor sports)


Tell me did you find these tips helpful? Can you share yours with me? Looking forward to your comment in the box below. Have a great day/week, Eli


Also, stay tuned for my next blog: Why I signed up for my first Marathon that I will post after my first 42K this weekend. Send me the good vibes, I will need them!