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Written on: February 15, 2018

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John Maxwell Team Certification en Espanol

Dear readers, I hope you are doing wonderful. I am very excited about next week, in which I will be travelling to Florida to become a certified member, coach and speaker of the John Maxwell Team en Español ™ . The event gathers about 4,000 participants from around the world and the new members ready to be graduated are going to be presenting a 5-minute speech.  So I am among those 🙂


When I heard that I had to deliver a speech to be qualified I was certainly really nervous. It is that being in that moment is a big thing, so I decided to go along my favorite topic “running” the one that fuels my heart, body and mind and has helped me improve in perseverance, commitment and performance not only when it comes to sports but across all areas of my life.


As, I certainly prefer to write, I wanted to share with my written story about running and motivation. Who knows… maybe you will decide (if you already are not a part of it) to become a member of the urban tribe “runner”. Here I go, hope you enjoy it.


“Last year, I graduated as “runner” one is not a runner until we have not run a full marathon, 42K of discipline, passion and courage.


I started about 3 years ago, I started running a night run, it was a 7K of Star Wars. Like any person who decides to run for the first time, I wanted to see if I could run and not die along the way, and guess what? I did it, not only that, I loved it. It was the energy, the fellow runners, some disguised as the “Star Wars” characters, the music, and the energy. I ran 7K in 45minutes.


As running is beautiful and addictive I decided to continue running. That year I ran over 12 street runs and one half marathon.  But how did I go there?


Actually, I signed up for all the 10K street runs and I dared to run a 15K by New Balance. I truly felt like it was the largest distance ever, and it really was.


The day of the run, around the 14K, I caught a glimpse of the goal and I wanted to cry, scream, laugh, but I couldn’t, the breathing and running rhythm prevented me. That day I arrived to the goal and I knew I could run farther, so I signed up for my first 21k.


That year I would run the famous Buenos Aires Half Marathon. Upon arriving to the goal, I was exhausted but in my mind something had changed. From there on, nothing would be impossible anymore.


I would run every year the half marathon, until last year, when I knew I had to run my first 42k.


It is the graduation if you want to call yourself “runner”


My more experienced running friends encouraged me and reminded me that with commitment, training and perseverance everything is achieved. Just like Rocky Balboa, I would run every single day, Saturdays and Sundays included, with rain, cold, or extreme hot. When you want to stay in bed and sleep, I would step outside to go for more, more distance, more resistance, faster. I would train over than 1,000 kms and one week before the run I would train 36k in one day.


The day of the run, the first 21k were my best time ever in all half-marathons, I felt like I could fly.


I knew I would get at least at the 36k, which I had run the week before. But there is something that is called the “runners wall” which is said to hit the runner’s mind around the 35K. For me, it came in 28K, I started to cry, overwhelmed with emotions and feeling, unable to breathe. I had to walk for over 2k. Around 30K, I would return to run, my rhythm was never the same, my mind was lost thinking why the “wall” had hit me before the 35k. But the mind is like that, take us by surprise.


The good point was that when I finished thinking and pondering about it all, I was already by the 40k, there I stepped up my run. I would get to the goal in 5hrs 11minutes.


This year, I will run it again, this time without a pause. Once more I will suffer the training, calm down my mind, tame the body and the emotions, finally crossing the goal. It is that running is like flying low, if the runners were birds, we would be birds with running shoes.


Yes, I know I am a poet of running, I truly love it. It is that running changes your mind, body and heart, teaches you perseverance, resistance and commitment. This is why I think you should be a runner and I will be forever grateful for having graduated as a “runner”.”


That’s it, this is my speech, it moves me a lot, takes me to all that effort and commitment, almost makes me shed a tear, it is the emotion. I truly hope you can give running a try and experience the changing force within.


Stay tuned for the posts and all the good vibes I will sharing from the event…and also from meeting personally John Maxwell, 20 million book sold, coach and consultant for Fortune 500 companies and world leaders… and yes, little me will be there to meet him talk to him and get some of his wisdom 🙂


Please send me good vibes as next week is an important one for me. Wish you the best for this day and this week too!


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Take care, Eli