The Aftermath

Written on: September 9, 2017

In: Running by Elisa Coleclough


Tomorrow people will have seen only the smiling faces, people holding each other, as if life and running were so simple. Oblivious to the real effort and pain, some will be jealous and envy others victory secretly. But those are the ones that do not run, because everyone who runs, knows that has given much of themselves, that they will do their best and give the 110%.


On the other hand, there are the endless times, in which the runner goes out alone or with a group, defying him/herself knowing that he/she is tired and should be at home drinking some beer and chilling on the couch or better sleeping in bed. All of those weekend mornings that you simply get up to train your will and your body. Sometimes, each step is physically so painful, sometimes the challenge is simply wanting to go outside and hitting the trail. Maybe, it is too early, you are too tired, it is cold or hot, it is raining, but still you get on your running shoes and go outside.


Tomorrow, all the silent effort will be rewarded, but it will still be there. A silent witness of your own growth to remind you that Rome was not built in a day and the fact you are running a half marathon is a great achievement to be celebrated.  There might be great perfumes, and perfect outfits, but your running clothes and sweaty body feels like the best Armani perfume and suit after you have achieved your goal.


There are others, of course, that run faster, longer, but, it is not about them, it is about you. You with yourself. When you get your medal, even if you were the last one to arrive to the goal (and you know you won’t be), you are the last one of the winners. You will be happy and not with your result though. For a moment, you may consider that you could have been faster, but there will be other times, other runs, other opportunities you have learnt, you are, after all, an amateur runner and what fuels you is just your passion.