The Akashic Meditation: 7 ways your life will improve

Written on: August 2, 2017

In: Spirituality by Elisa Coleclough

akashic records

This year, I decided to take on meditation seriously. I found that it was difficult to actually let my mind in a blank. Actually, it was impossible to “empty” my mind. So I had read that meditation helped people in many ways.

The way I see it, for meditation your either prepared or not. It means, you will like it or not. I decided to enroll myself in an Akashic reader training. I wanted to be able to still my mind at will but also, I wanted to know more about myself and the mission that my soul has in this life.  As many thinkers and philosophers of Buddhism and Yoga say, you come here to this life to learn something and to complete a sort of task. I am a free thinker, so I choose to believe my soul is eternal and I am a multi-verse being.

So, when I decided to take on the Akashic reader, I wanted to journey backwards, inside my soul, to my higher self. I have come to realize that the experience of becoming am Akashic reader is actually for me really quite a great and relaxing experience, fills me with light and peace. Exactly all the things that I was looking for. I have learnt to consciously control my breathing, and envision my body in a purifying protecting violet light.

Let me tell you that in the past, I was able to give the best advice to my friends and acquaintances in regards to situations, but I was never able to produce the same assertiveness for my own situations. I simply could not clear my mind in a short period of time. Personally, it has helped me in the following ways:

  1. Don’t panic. It happened to me, that under certain circumstances, it was hard for me to regain peace again. After someone, had made an uneasy comment, or acted roughly against me, I was overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness and sadness. I am able to take conscious distance now, I simply do not judge. I inquire more information to understand why someone is acting that way, and usually along the way, they got out of logic arguments, and simply quit their quarrel. I am left with a sense of calm, and other people can perceive it.
  2. Better decisions. Sometimes, it happens that different people come to me with different sides of the same story, and I truly want to make a good decision. A friendly decision in which is a win-win for all the parties involved and that implies always respect to everybody. The fact that I can isolate my mind from the noise and be able to take distance thru calmness and peacefulness is gold. I am able to detach from all the feelings and consider all the options in calm. When I come back for a decision, people sense in my voice calm, so they know what I am about to say is not a rush decision.
  3. Left behind toxic people. I am not sure if it was a sort of attraction thing, but in the past all kinds of toxic people were around me. It is not that I wanted, but they simply seemed to be drawn to me. Like a sort of magnet to drain my energy like vampires. Now, all new people around me is healthy people. They are kind good-hearted people. My environment is sort of a virtuous circle, totally opposing the vicious circle before. I hear, speak or see no evil and no evil comes to me.
  4. No room for ego. In the Akashic records, many answers came. I can only tell you that the answers come precisely in the moment you need them, it is not that you ask “was I a queen in my previous life?” and then they answer “yes, you were”. Because the answers come in a special form devoid from ego. So there is no way that the answer is room for ego. Some will not be answered, like my example (which of course I never asked), but they seem to give you the information which will help you to continue improving.
  5. Positive visualization. I have been actively working with positive visualization. At the beginning, I was skeptical but then I realized that it helped me face my daily routine differently. As my attitude started to shift to expect positive stuff, positive stuff actually started to happen. It took me weeks, months for this to happen. But I guess is not an easy change. Visualization is all aout working with our mind. The mind creates our reality.
  6. Lovely experience. This experience has been really quite a something for someone as skeptical as me. But I have to say it works. For some of my closest friends came to me for a reading the Akashic records. There were some answers which were utterly nonsense to me, but complete sense for them. Meaning it was actually impossible for me to know certain things about them or their lives.
  7. Great Friends. I have also made good friends with other fellow Akashic readers, and I have come to understand that the way I perceive things thru my senses is completely different to other people. As we all perceive things in difference senses, for some are pictures, some others are feeling, or smells, or noises, etc.

I have to say, I do not go around people saying, “hey, I can read Akashic records for you”. Actually, I am pretty shy in this sense. I never talk about this. But I can tell you the way I have been handling myself is more calm and assertive than before even if faced with really stressful situations. This is how I have found a good way to soothe my mind, there are others like Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Gongs, etc.

I would love to hear if you have experienced with Akashic records, or if you meditate with other techniques. Looking forward to your comment in the box below. Have a lovely day!

If you live in Buenos Aires and you are interested in learning or becoming an Akashic reader, check this out: Akashic Records Master FB page, webpage.