10 authors you should read.

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This time, I thought about recommending some authors that definitely will help you broaden your mind:   Yuval Noah Harari. Israeli. PhD in History by Oxford University, he writes about two sides of the same coin: our past and our future. He talks about other races that existed along with the homo sapiens, and how […]

Interview with Mexican Author Celia Del Palacio

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Mexican Author

Hello Celia, good morning, and welcome to our  blog www.elicoleclough.com First of all, thank you very much for your time. Let us introduce you to our readers: you are a writer, and PhD researcher at the Centre for Culture, Communication & Research of Veracruz University. Moreover, we have fallen in love with your historical novels […]

Entrevista con la Escritora Mexicana Celia Del Palacio

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Escritora Celia Del Palacio

Hola Celia, muy buenos días y te damos la bienvenida a nuestro blog www.elicoleclough.com y agradecemos el tiempo que nos dedicas para esta entrevista. Te consideramos un ejemplo a seguir en muchos aspectos, mujer, investigadora, doctora, escritora, profesionista, tu trayectoria en el Centro de Estudios de la Cultura y la Comunicación de la Universidad de […]

7 Razones para visitar la Feria del Libro 2017

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Lo cierto es que seas o no un amante de los libros siempre puedes encontrar una bonita razón para ir a la Feria del Libro en la Rural. Acá mis razones: Están los stands de las editoriales más importantes, tienen todos esos títulos que uno está buscando en un solo lugar y puedes verlos y […]

4 steps to retake the reading habit

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Fortunately, Buenos Aires is a city of readers, here it is common to see people reading on the bus, on the park, in cafes, so watching readers is inspiring to do the same. The truth is that reading is not only a fascinating way of learning, entertainment, mind-traveling, and having fun, but also of keeping […]