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Coffee break with Mariana Nunez

Published by Elisa Coleclough on July 22nd, 2017 in Art Decoration | No Comments »


Today we are enjoying a nice cup of coffee with Maryan… E.C. Hi Maryan, how are you? M.N. I am doing great thank you!   E.C. Can you tell us in a few words what type of artist you are? M.N. I’m a constructivist. It’s an artistic and architectural philosophy born in Russia and reinterpreted […]

Healthy Runner = Happy Runner

Published by Elisa Coleclough on June 13th, 2017 in Running | No Comments »

injury prevention

Running is a happy habit and usually leads to good health, but also it is important that we remember to have our annual checkup. A few weeks ago, I had started to feel really tired, and after a little while after running I felt heavy muscle fatigue, dizziness and my skin was drier than normal, […]

5 fun activities to cheer up your day

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smile happy

Mainly undermined, thinking is a powerful tool; we use it for ideas, and for trivial stuff, but we should never use it for negative things. The way we think shapes out world, and draws the people and opportunities we have, the solutions to the problems, and the challenges that make us grow are also a […]

Move With Technology

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Electro Stimulation Tec

I was invited to an Electro Stimulation Technology session with my friend Gloria Fitness. Overall, it was fun and I felt my body had worked out hard.  YOU SHOULD TRY IT TOO! (here the why!): How does it work in your body? The stimulation strengthens the contraction of your muscles when needed to perform movement, […]

7 Razones para visitar la Feria del Libro 2017

Published by Elisa Coleclough on May 5th, 2017 in Books | No Comments »

Lo cierto es que seas o no un amante de los libros siempre puedes encontrar una bonita razón para ir a la Feria del Libro en la Rural. Acá mis razones: Están los stands de las editoriales más importantes, tienen todos esos títulos que uno está buscando en un solo lugar y puedes verlos y […]

4 steps to retake the reading habit

Published by Elisa Coleclough on May 3rd, 2017 in Books | No Comments »

Fortunately, Buenos Aires is a city of readers, here it is common to see people reading on the bus, on the park, in cafes, so watching readers is inspiring to do the same. The truth is that reading is not only a fascinating way of learning, entertainment, mind-traveling, and having fun, but also of keeping […]