The etiquette of punctuality

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The etiquette of punctuality

The etiquette of what is appropriate when it comes to punctuality varies from place to place based on social and cultural conventions.   “Be punctual, and then no one will lose time in vain, except yourself” – Janina Ipohorska   “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late” — William Shakespeare   “Punctuality […]


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leadership behaviors

You have to have the behaviors in other for you to help others. It is absolutely impossible to influence another human being if you do not have the necessary skills, knowledge, abilities, etc. you want others to develop. Furthermore, consider yourself a mirror of how the other person might end up being and or feeling […]

Fitness hacks for holidays

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healthy hacks

Holiday season is here, and we tend to eat more and put on some extra weight. In my opinion it is not solely because we are eating more cookies, pastries, chocolates, desserts, or even larger portions of food, but because we are not exercising. This time of the year we usually engage in activities after […]

The Siren’s Song.

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As you know in ancient mythology, the sirens would lure nearby sailors with their enchanting songs, so their boats would shipwreck against the rocky coasts and end tragically with their lives. Similarly, our mind might drive us down through black abyss of sickening, depressing and negative thoughts, or to the heights of creativity, mindfulness, joy, […]

Community Engagement

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support community

When we think about changing the world, we may think superman or wonder woman will come and save us all. The way I see it is that there are the everyday-heroes that help others silently and they surely make the world a better place.   In the later years, we have seen more companies have […]

Bloggers Recognition Award 2017

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recognition award 2017

A couple of days ago, I was pleasantly surprised by Bethan, she nominated me for the Bloggers Recognition Award.  Check her lovely blog full of tips and tricks to daily life, beauty and lifestyle, link here.   Let’s begin with the award rules:   The Rules:   Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide […]

Organize your time

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How to be organized with your time, productive and happy? Well, it is not an ordeal, it is quite attainable. I can tell you that there are some key points which have worked for me, to be as productive as usual but less stressed. When you are calm and balanced, you make better decisions, concentrate […]

Tidiness – Physical Spaces

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Have you entered into a place in which you simply feel you want to remain in there, because it is neat, elegant or cozy and welcoming? Well, it is so nice to be in a place like this, you simply do not want to leave.   I have to say that the order in a […]

Social Influencer – 4 questions about leadership.

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Before I begin, let me tell you that those who impact the world, started somewhere, unknown, unnoticed, full of inspiration and dreams, with one objective to become a definite game changer.   Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit. – Conrad Hilton   Nowadays, social media is a powerful tool, still […]

Grumpy Leader? Emotional Management is here

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emotional management

Grumpy leader? No! Emotional Management is here…   Before I start, have you ever worked with a “grumpy” leader? The one that does not foster communication and does not know how to set limits?  The one that people respect out of fear but not out of inspiration? If you are one of those, or have […]