10 authors you should read.

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This time, I thought about recommending some authors that definitely will help you broaden your mind:   Yuval Noah Harari. Israeli. PhD in History by Oxford University, he writes about two sides of the same coin: our past and our future. He talks about other races that existed along with the homo sapiens, and how […]

Spirituality or Technology

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geek or spiritual

Technology or Spirituality, what will be the next evolution step for us? The way I see it is that in order to evolve harmoniously, we need to combine both. We have always been spiritual beings, since the very beginning of our existence. I am not talking about religion, I am talking about understanding that we […]

The Akashic Meditation: 7 ways your life will improve

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akashic records

This year, I decided to take on meditation seriously. I found that it was difficult to actually let my mind in a blank. Actually, it was impossible to “empty” my mind. So I had read that meditation helped people in many ways. The way I see it, for meditation your either prepared or not. It […]