The last book

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“No one can produce great thing who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself” – James Russell Lowell

The last book I read to my father was “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” by John C. Maxwell. That day, I would arrive in the morning to pick up my mother and take her home to rest as she had stayed the night before at the hospital with dad.   That day, I was […]

Schrödinger Paradox

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Schrödinger cat experiment

Schrödinger Paradox: Quantum mechanics for your goals, what to keep secret and what to release.   There is the big question of what we should share and we should not share when it comes to information, name it, goals, dreams, objective, etc. It is a dilemma, on the one hand we have that in order […]

Tap into the unconscious.

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unconscious mind

This time I want to share with you some information that I am sure you are going to find interesting.   According to Bruce Lipton Ph. D. in developmental cell biology, conscious mind works  at 2,000 bits per second, amazing right? Now, subconscious mind is about 4,000 billion bits per second, now that is a number! […]

The Siren’s Song.

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As you know in ancient mythology, the sirens would lure nearby sailors with their enchanting songs, so their boats would shipwreck against the rocky coasts and end tragically with their lives. Similarly, our mind might drive us down through black abyss of sickening, depressing and negative thoughts, or to the heights of creativity, mindfulness, joy, […]

Tai Chi Thoughts

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I hope you read my article about  body language and self-awareness (link here). As I said in the other article, proper body posture, gestures and nonverbal can get you far. However, there is also the fact that when we feel overwhelmed by life external factors, we tend to withdraw  from the world, our body posture […]

Enjoy the Silence

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silence in conversation

Yes, it is a title of a Depeche Mode single and album. But, no, I am not going to talk about that fabulous band.   The subject that brings me to write today, is the use of silence in communication and conversations.  And it is not that awkward silence which is produced when no one […]

3 books on self-awareness and body language

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culturally competent

Hello! This time, I would like to make some book recommendations, that I believe you are going to find useful because they will make you more self-aware, socially effective and culturally competent in general.   These are 3 books: What every Body is saying? By Joe Navarro, Emotions Revealed by Paul Ekman and The Definite […]

Building-up Resilience

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Resilience is basically the capacity to get back on your feet after “something” or “someone” has let you down. Recovering quickly is essential, to people and to companies. Let us focus on the people side. Being resilient spares you great emotional cost, not only to you but those around you too.   “Nothing in life […]

Halloween anecdote: UFOs in the sky

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fun stories

Before I begin, for many years the anecdote you are about to read was a story that my friends and I would get together and talk about. Eventually, the story simple went forgotten, until a friend, Any brought back it my memory and I decided to include it in the Halloween series.   Once upon […]

The Versatile Blogger Award 2017

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versatile blogger award

I was absolutely thrilled to be nominated by Chloepluscoffee to the  Versatile Blogger Award. Drop by Chloe’s page, she’s got great lifestyle content related. Here is also her you tube channel.   For the past 7 months I have embarked in this great adventure that is blogging. I have met amazing gals in who share […]