My 5 points of good bosses.

Written on: August 19, 2017

In: Thoughts by Elisa Coleclough

good leaders

A couple of nights ago I was watching the comedy film titled “Horrible Bosses”, my friends and I were discussing the fact that some bosses leave terrible impressions, but some others really inspired us. Although good ones are rare, they do exist, and I had the opportunity to work with some. So, I decided it was fun to list 5 traits the good bosses have had in common, here is my list:

Integrity. People with principles and human values is really important to me. Not only for personal and professional matters. They would set forward their example first. Maybe, you can relate to this, but when you have a boss that says that punctuality is important and he/she is always on time and is respectful of schedules, that is leading by example. I also remember that they would share their KPIs with all the team. That was also a great inspiration because when you see that there is transparency in the process and in the results, you can really engage in the goals.

Support. For me it implies providing me with the tools to success both technical skills and soft skills.  There are many things that I did not learn in the University but I learnt from those that were my seniors or supervisors, and who with patience decided to coach and train their team members to bring out the best in all of us.  A true leader that understands that that teaching creates a bond and loyalty between him/her and the team members.

Communication. The point about setting clear expectations, and keeping an eye on you, especially when you are very young and starting in your first job, is very important. I was lucky enough to have a great supervisor and she was always coaching us in the way we should deal with communication effectively. She was kind and clear, she provided feedback and was open to receive it too. She had a very clear none threatening way to let you know in which areas you could improve and how you could do it. She motivated you to be a better professional. Her office door was always open and whenever you stepped inside, she would greet you and look at you in the face. For me communication is also body language. Someone who is consistent with their message in body language and words truly inspires me.

Honesty. They were always honest with results, with the resources, they lacked favoritism, andthey would find a proper way to communicate it. They would also be honest as to foster healthy competition in the team and not allow gossip or people bullying others. They would be a clear example of that behavior too.  We were a united team, we always pursuped community over competition, and when a colleague was behind schedule or needed help, others would jump in and offer help.

Kindness. Leaders that know their team, and see them as people are literally gold. I was always inspired by this very man who was the General Manager of the company I worked for. He knew everyone’s names, but I mean everyone’s. From the janitor to the managers, and he would greet them by their name, he would at times ask about family and if by any chance he found out you have anything relevant or important ahead (school exams or were new at a task, etc.) he would come by and ask you how were you doing.

These 5 attributes are not taken out from any leadership book, but actually my own personal list. The examples are also based on real, kind, good-hearted people I have been lucky enough to have worked with. Finally, I believe that having a good team, and respectful boss makes our working day a better one. The type of bosses you have worked with and enjoyed working with, give a general guideline of how you might become eventually as a boss, business owner, etc., at least, these people have inspired me. Share with me what you have valued of good colleagues, bosses or leaders you have met along your way. Looking forward to your comment in the box below! Eli