Becoming a Minimalist

Written on: May 22, 2017

In: Thoughts by Elisa Coleclough

Becoming a Minimalist

Earlier this year, I realized two things. I had a closet full of stuff and I was always using the same items. Something had to change in the way I kept and used my clothes (including shoes).

After having analyzed the type of items I kept, I categorized them into 5: sports, work, leisure, home & bed, party/going out. Not only did I consider that each of these categories had a different type of shoes but also that the categories were different for spring/summer than for fall/winter. So far so good. My first stage about becoming minimalist was to go over all those old items though in good condition I had not used for the past season and in some cases I realized for over a year.

I prepared some nice boxes and decided to donate them. I was surprised to find out that many things I had not used for a while and how much space they kept.

Then I scanned my closet again, and realized that I had some items that represented a prior stage of my life and I was no longer going to use them. The bright colors, the flower skirts, etc. I am now more into the plain fabrics mostly moved by the blue, grey, white and black colors, though I keep some accessories that are nice to combine with. Sadly, I let them go. But the truth is that is better to get over and donate the things you do not use that just to keep them as a good memory for you and then there is no more space for practical things. I have also realized that functional clothes are a lot better than those that can only be used with one single style. So now I am more focus on the things that I can both use for formal and informal occasions and are kind of cool mix. As for the handbags and purses. I am not specially much into them, but I have identified that the ones that I use the most are those that have a space for my book or/and ipad, or both and have zipper (I am always concerned with safety). My type of handbag is medium-sized and brown, black or beige colored. I am very straightforward with combinations. I keep a series of well-cared nice handbags with which I am very pleased.

The truth is that for the coats and the sports as well, the type of shirts, leggings and shorts that I wear are multifunctional. They have to have space for the keys car keys or house keys and if they have a zipper is even better. As for the coats, the ones that go along better with me are the dark colors and if they have hood and are water proof are my type of product.  So far, I have come to donate about 6 boxes of things. I was utterly surprised because I am not a girl who is that much into shopping however, there were many things that I was able to give and clear room in my closet. My closet has now space, each cloth has a separate hanger and I can see them better. I have used one closet to keep the other season clothes into bags for better conservation. While I have at sight everything that I need for this season.

I have also come to realize that the vast majority of my clothes are those for work. So I am thinking that in the future I will buy clothes that are functional for casual and work as well. In that way I can shorten the clothes that I keep. Why is it important to keep a short list of clothes? Because for me, it is absolutely pathetic to open a closed filled up to the top and say “I have nothing to wear” and end up wearing always the same things or buy things that I may use only once. Additionally, I am also very concerned with ecology and there are studies that show that each year tons of clothes and shoes are thrown. We should be more conscious with what we consume, how we consume, be aware that donations are important; there are people who really need clothes and shoes in well shape and cannot afford them. And also that the more I pay attention to functional clothes, the more that I realize that I am happy with less than I think.