Schrödinger Paradox

Written on: January 3, 2018

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Schrödinger cat experiment

Schrödinger Paradox: Quantum mechanics for your goals, what to keep secret and what to release.


There is the big question of what we should share and we should not share when it comes to information, name it, goals, dreams, objective, etc. It is a dilemma, on the one hand we have that in order to attain some of those dreams, and goals, we might need the cooperation and help of others, in which case sharing would be the best idea. On the other hand, how many times you have been about to get something and as soon as you share it with someone else, then everything falls apart.


I am sure some of you are aware that mind can influence the matter and that some experiments actually have been able to prove it. Thus, what we usually define as the “good” or “bad” vibes are indeed thought waves influencing on the outcome.  Sometimes those waves are a result of a conscious decision, sometimes are result of unconscious thinking.


The fact that all vibrates in the universe, having the brain and the heart their own electric and magnetic fields aside of the one our body possesses. It is interesting, it means that what we feel, and think actually produces electricity and magnetism. That is why sometimes we can feel the electricity of the magnetism between two people, we actually FEEL it, because there is energy being produced.


Quantum mechanics have been able to prove some of the theories of mind influencing the reality. Let me bring to your attention the Schrödinger’s thought experiment of “the cat”.  Allow me to provide some background:  Erwin Schrödinger, Austrian physicist decided to prove that the quantum theory applies to common objects whether animated or not.


Summarizing what he did, he imagined that there is a cat inside a box, a flask of poison and a radioactive counter are placed inside. If after a while the Geiger counter detects radioactivity then the flask will be shattered and the poison released. The paradox is that the Geiger counter may or may not detect any radioactivity and thus the cat might be simultaneously dead AND alive. However, when you as observer get to see the cat, the cat is either alive OR dead. And that poses the famous Schrödinger paradox:


when does a quantum system stop existing as a superposition of states and become one or the other?”


Thinks about it for a while, what this imaginary experiment is saying is that all the possibilities exist when you think about somethings, success AND failure are simultaneous, but when an observer comes into place the state is defined as success OR failure.


Based on that paradox, I have come to the following conclusions to get your goals successful most of the times (there are a few mathematic theories which also could help sort the odds out, but I will save them for later):


♠Have a clear goal and steps of how/what/when/where you are going to obtain.


♠Write the goal and most importantly the steps. By doing so you will have to outline the resources and time which are required.


♠Define whether it is productive to share such information and with who.


♠Define what extend of information needs to know your targeted audience.


♠Make a list of your resources and if necessary a plan to get those resources.


♠Define a win-win: the best way to get others to help you is to help them too. Offer something they find useful. Remember gratitude, respect, honesty and helpfulness are key to team work.


♠Some details and objectives is better if you keep them to yourself and your pet. Oh believe me when I say, having a pet or a plant to talk to is amazing…they keep your secrets safe and sound 😉


♠Other people affecting your results does not mean they mean harm to you. Some feelings and thoughts are unconscious reactions 90% of times impossible to control for the person producing them.


♠Trust others. That is why it is important to select your audience. Trust they are going to send you the good vibes, because trust attracts trust and you too can influence the outcome of them on you.


Some of you may find this a bit too cold, detached and objective, but let me give an example: when I decided that I would run my first marathon last year, I wanted to have the support and encouragement of those around me. Unfortunately, my husband is not a runner or anything like that so he would look at me in disdain and disbelief and that affected the way I felt. I felt untrusted and I wanted to make him believe I could, which honestly was a hell of work. People either believe in you or not, period.


I had some friends and colleagues that for much that they liked me, even walking 1mile was an effort out of this world. I did not need any of them either. Were they bad people? No, not at all. They were/are still my friends and well my husband, they were not the targeted audience I needed whatsoever.


I shared my information goals with my runner friends instead. They cheered me, many of them have run the marathon once a year for 10 or 15 years. They would give me great advice, encouragement, support, happiness and reassure self-confidence in getting THE goal achieved. They were the right audience.


When you work in an organization the same applies, you may be given a full picture of information and goals but maybe the people you work with they only need a part. Because it is the part that affects them. The rest may even be stressful to know.


Furthermore, take into account that companies and politicians for example have a press attaché or department which releases certain information in the right time. We all cannot afford to have such expert in our lives, but we can make great attempts in knowing keys to information.


Finally, compartmentalizing the information and the audience will make you more effective as well as knowing what to keep to yourself. This is why also there is that famous “Law of the Secret”, because you need to know what to keep away from prying eyes and ears.


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Wish a happy and successful 2018! Eli