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Written on: October 30, 2017

In: Thoughts by Elisa Coleclough


I hope you read my article about  body language and self-awareness (link here). As I said in the other article, proper body posture, gestures and nonverbal can get you far. However, there is also the fact that when we feel overwhelmed by life external factors, we tend to withdraw  from the world, our body posture becomes smaller (retreat) or bigger (attack). The ideal thing is that in those moments of “hardship” is when we need to connect more to attain balance.


You get to learn more when you need to fight a real situation and need to get over it. You need to put your energy so that depression or mental illness don’t come your way. If they come, you will definitely need proper help, doctors, psychologists or psychiatrists. But I am not going to talk about that here.


I am talking one step behind, before it is too late. First, you recognize you are in the “danger” zone of your mind. Second, realize you need to strive to find the balance. Not happiness the balance. Being happy all the time is also a pathology. Balance of body and mind are key.


Before I tell you my experience with martial arts, let me tell you one thing, for years I wanted to know what it was like to practice a certain martial art, but I was afraid of the kicks and being left down injured on the floor. But not all martial arts are like that, at least not in the beginning. This, I did not know though, I have learned it as I decided that I needed to channel my energy and get my balance.


Be curious, seek new ways to be inspired and inspiring – Me


One of my best friends, who passed away many years ago in an accident, was a student of martial arts, and I was always curious about the way he seemed to channel the right amount of energy in the right situation. His assertiveness was extreme and though he was a pretty serious fellow (he was not the smiley type) he seemed to integrate in groups and be likeable, he had that balance to fit in.


A few weeks ago, something happened in my life, that shook me to the ground. Honestly, all the structures I had, fell to the ground. It was like I saw that happening, but I could not stop it plummeting at the same time. As I was training hard for my 42k (here link to my blog), I decided to join a local Tai Chi group.


When the Student is ready the Teacher will appear – Buddhist Proverb


What made me approach them? Well, I would say, it was my desire, the need the connect, the fact that there were other female students, the teacher is also a woman and actually is pregnant and the students were every single class religiously attending and concentrating. All that gave me confidence to say, I want to learn what these guys do.  The teacher, told me I could come by and there was no need to have any previous knowledge.


The following class, I started. I was just following but by the end of the class I was left with the inner peace and that sense of strength at the same time. I could see life has options and there is hope, I thought to myself, this is good, I feel calm. I decided to start attending once a week. At the beginning I made many mistakes, and got lost at some point. But I did not judge myself and they did not judge me either. I was becoming part of the group.


There is a part of class in which the advanced students have swords, yes, real swords, beautiful and long. And well, me and other new students picked up some tree branches to practice. You know what? Maybe in another situation I might have felt ridiculous but not in that one. It just felt right. You practice the moves, you are a like toddler learning to move, I may become better soon and of course in due time I, too, will have my own sword.


With each class I feel calm, I find my balance, my strength, my anchor. The slow movements or the fast movements, the breathing. I feel that I have come home to find something I like.


My friends do Yoga. I do Tai Chi. The point is that you need to find what brings you peace, hope, assertiveness and helps you come thru hard times, because in good times, you are going to fly…or maybe you will have different things to learn, like handling your ego for example.


Finally, the way I see it, is that body postures, breathing, etc. can also be used to find the balance and not just the other way around. I also want to tell you that I am so happy I have given the first step towards martial arts. I am sure, wherever I go, I will find the way to practice and join a local group and even make new friends. As I have said many times before, if you do sports or have hobbies, it is also a cool way to socialize and blend in a society, don’t you agree?


Do you practice or have you practiced any martial art? Would you be interested? Please leave me your comments in the box below. Have a great day/week, Eli.