Coffee break with Mariana Nunez

Written on: July 22, 2017

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Today we are enjoying a nice cup of coffee with Maryan…

E.C. Hi Maryan, how are you?

M.N. I am doing great thank you!


E.C. Can you tell us in a few words what type of artist you are?

M.N. I’m a constructivist. It’s an artistic and architectural philosophy born in Russia and reinterpreted by  Joaquin Torres Garcia , an Uruguayan painter. It also uses geometry as the main frame, the golden rule and including Pre-Columbian art elements.


E.C. Tell us 3 things you love about painting and creation?

M.N. Firstly, I love painting with oil and spatula. I take time alone in my studio to enjoy my paining while I burn some incense and listen to music.


E.C. Do you have an influence, Kandinsky, Klimt, Picasso?

M.N. Certainly, they inspire me. And also, I would like to add Piet Mondrian and Paul Klee as core influencers in my painting.


E.C.How you see the art in Buenos Aires?

M.N. Unfortunately, the art in this country is only for a very little elite, who doesn’t enjoy art as a form of expression and contemplation and only buy art as a cool and trendy way of spending money. This should change actually, art needs to become more accessible and innovative.


E.C. What did you think about art in childhood? Do you consider it beneficial in early stages of life?

M.N. Art came to me when I was a child. My mother read to us lots of classical literature, and she also took us to the Colon Theater to watch lovely plays.  It was great to be surrounded in this artistic energy.  It made me strong and in one way or another art was always there for me all the time.


E.C. Can you share with us if there is a special technique that you love?

M.N. I mainly love painting with oils, heavy-weight papers, and flexible spatulas known as brush spatulas.


E.C.Can you tell us what has been your greatest achievement as an artist?

M.N. I feel my best achievement is yet to come. My work is in progress, changing and growing every day.


E.C. Do you have any plans to host an exhibition this year?

M.N. Absolutely, I am working on it. I don’t want to spoil it, so I will not tell much. All I can say is it will be in Europe.


E.C. How do you relate art to love?

M.N. To me it is a way of living. I breathe art.  Every time I look at the sky, I see art.


E.C. Finally, please tell us something, no one knows about but is important to you.

M.N. Something about me few people know is that I workout every day, I enjoy swimming and biking. I love electronic music, dancing and summer.


E.C. Lovely! Thank you Maryan! now, we can visit your page at: