The John Maxwell DNA

Written on: February 25, 2018

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John Maxwell DNA 10 inspirational books

The John Maxwell DNA – 10 inspirational books for daily motivation


Dear Readers, I hope you are all doing great. This week has been amazing, full of learning, motivation and above all reflecting on myself. Words cannot describe what is like to hear the real-life stories of people who now are successful and exceeding expectations after so much struggle in their lives and how they are able to leverage those experiences for the better.


It makes us think in our own lives and certainly in the periods in which we struggle and really have to find alternatives that we had never thought of before, it is when growth appears. It is also true that not every experience changes everybody, some people experience the same over and over again without being able to change the least. It is when we face the challenges and we do not dodge them, it is when we take all the bullets that we become stronger by capitalizing our learnings and understanding that the only way our life is going to change is thru us.


Certainly, by now we all have realized that there are no magic keys and no shortcuts to  happiness or success. We all can see famous and acclaimed people and think that they are lucky or they were born in happy families where all the support and good opportunities arose, but in 80% of the cases that is not true.


The ability to capitalize our failures depends on how much self-awareness and emotional intelligence we possess. It is not easy to tame the monster that lives within our heads who is our best friend but also our worst enemy.



“What you are aware of, you control. What you are not controls you” Christian Simpson



In the John Maxwell Team, we have principles that constitute our DNA, just like our own flesh DNA, we embody certain principles to help others and add value to society and individuals. I want to share here the values and some books that you can read that will help us and motivate us in our daily life.



1.Value People: Our world and its perception changes when we become people of value adding value to others and we ask ourselves how we can help others.


“Winning with People”



2.Living Intentionally: When we focus on what we can do today, opportunities that we never saw before will appear before our eyes. This book is especially helpful for young entrepreneurs, bloggers and certainly young readers and parents to coach their kids, with 10 questions to see if your dream is going to be true.


“Put your Dream to the Test”


3.Exceeding expectations: If we are the first ones to start and the last ones to leave and we are basically the forefront and the back in helping and supporting those around us, we will become dependable.


“No Limits”


4.Growth Focus: Never let yourself die inside, ring any bells? Certainly for me it did. It is all about stepping into the opportunities and valuing others which will change us and the world around us. These two books are must. My personal recommendation is the second one 😉


“15 Laws of Growth”



“Developing the leader within you 2.0”


5.Demonstrate a positive attitude:  This is easier said than done, but it worth all the while as no one will cheer for us but ourselves. Working thru gratitude and daily appreciation our thoughts, attitudes thus approaches to daily challenges will shift.


“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”


6.Transformation: Kindness and forgiveness changes everything. Letting the past go by and looking at the future with brand new eyes, it is very difficult (at least for me) so this book truly helps us with that daily struggle against negativity and self-limiting beliefs.


“Intentional Living”


7.Equipping Others: The best way to help others it to equip them with the right tools so that they are their own agent of change. The more game changers for the better, the better indeed. We want everyone on the “bright side” team.


“5 Levels of Leadership”


8.Leading by Example:  The more leaders the better. Some people confuse being a leader with having a power position, nothing far away from reality. Being a leader is all about influencing ourselves and those around us. This book is especially good for parents and role modeling for your kids.


“21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader”



9.Model Consistency: Despite the circumstance, remain with perseverance and commitment.


“Today Matters”


10.Be a Person of Faith: Whatever our faith, background or belief is everyone is welcomed and loved at the John Maxwell Team where diversity is truly an asset. Having faith can be faith in God, the Universe, the Light, your higher self. It is that force that draws every leader to change, to help others, to do amazing things, stuff that everyone else deemed impossible. These book with 500 leadership examples is an inspirational one.


“John Maxwell Leadership Bible”


This time, I was lucky to get some books and get them signed by John. You know, I grew up reading John Maxwell in my leadership classes as an Accountant, never thought I would meet him or even less be part of his team. So, have good dreams….for they may become true 🙂


I hope you have a great week and that you feel motivated and inspired the same way I did. There will be always good and bad, it is entirely up to us to make the right decision.


Take care and have a great day/week, Eli