4 Home-made Highly Alkaline Drinks

Written on: May 16, 2017

In: Wellness by Elisa Coleclough


I used to live in Mexico City so that is about 2,250mts/7,380Ft over the sea level and the quality of the air is not optimal, so there I realized the importance of keeping yourself hydrated with PH alkaline. So, I drink a lot of water daily, and have my healthy snack, but sometimes that is not enough when you have a lot of stress, do exercise, and we all know that our body PH is that the same of the ocean, so it means in order to keep the fungi, bacteria, virus, etc. off our bodies we can drink alkaline beverages that you can easily prepare at home.  Here some highly alkaline drinks that will save your body instantly:

  • Home-made lemonade. Squeeze the juice of 4 lemons for 1.5lits of water and add sugar-free sweetener
  • Jamaica-fresh water. Take a bunch of Jamaica flowers and boil them for 30mins, wait until it has cooled off and pour into a jar with ice and sugar-free sweetener. (if Jamaica is not available in your local store you can always buy it online)
  • Pineapple and guava water. Peel the pineapple off, chop the guava, mix them with water and sugar-free sweetener into a blender for 5mins, filter it and then put in the jar, ice may be added for a more refreshing experience. (maybe the guava is not available in your local grocery shop, but you can still prepare it with pineapple only)
  • Green tea. Prepare a simple leaf tea, there you can drink it hot, in the morning/midafternoon or drink it cold with some ice and sugar-free sweetener for after training (it’s simply amazing)

Whenever I can I buy organic products and fair trade products, it is important to create a conscience on this sort of topics and moreover it is important to create value in our communities.