Eating habits which improved my health

Written on: September 18, 2017

In: Wellness by Elisa Coleclough

eating habits

Hello, I wanted to share with you some habits that have worked for me. I just want to say that they have significantly improved my quality of life, I have lost weight and gained muscle, I feel stronger and over all my skin has less blemishes. So, let’s get down to business:


Water – As I wake up I drink a bottle of water (or two glasses of water). It has improved my metabolism and my skin has cleared from marks, at the same time, I feel less hungry and I eat slowly in the morning.


Eat slowly – I know that we live in a hasty world, but eating slowly and allowing time to chew properly it as important as eating healthy. So in the morning after my water, I get an apple and meanwhile I dress I start eating my apple.


Apple and Banana. In the morning I eat an apple or a pear, peach or any fruit that I can eat while I move around to get dress (maximize the time). Then, I eat banana a few minutes before exercise, it gives me energy, avoid cramps and it is healthy and easy to digest.


Coffee – For those that follow me on social media know that I love coffee, and coffee is good, but let’s not abuse it. Also I drink it in the morning only. One cup of hot coffee is fuel for my soul and day. By the way, I do not add milk or sugar or anything else to my coffee, I buy good quality freshly brewed coffee and enjoy it with no add-ins.


Tea – in the afternoon, I started drinking my five o’clock tea and this is a good thing, because it does not have so much caffeine and it also has other properties different to coffee and depends on which tea I drink. My favorites are green, red, and earl grey tea. I use honey for my tea or maple syrup to add some sweetness but only to earl grey. All other teas I have learnt to enjoy them with no sweeteners.


Breakfast – sitting down. I sit down and prepared two slices of toast and my coffee but I sit down. This is a good way to share with my husband but also to eat slowly. I cannot stress how important it is to chew well. It does make a difference for your stomach, believe me.


Chocolate – well, yes, I know it sounds strange but I prefer to eat a slice of dark chocolate that cookies. I usually eat chocolate twice or three time per week, dark chocolate with peanuts, almonds, or the like. I usually eat about 10-20 grams and eat them before exercise or working out, so I get more energy. It gives me joy… so at least for me it is more pleasure and helps me get rid of cookies.


Drink water – I carry a little bottle with me around. I drink between 2- 3 litre  of water daily. It helps really to clear your intestine, your skin and keeps you hydrated. I do not drink soda and I do not crave for it anymore. Instead when I want to indulge myself, I drink a pint of good beer  (which by the way has been proven to be a decent dehydrator). If you do not believe me though, please google it or read this interesting article


Carbs, and cookies are something that I have tried to control (I could the cookie-eating monster otherwise) and usually eat them in the morning. It has worked for me. I know some fellow runners like to eat pasta before a marathon, I myself prefer salmon, tuna or white-fish with salad and vegetables and it has proven for me to be more effective than pasta. But it is important to you check up options with your nutritionist and see what works best for you.


Be positive – yes, being positive is as important as chewing well your meals. Every time you eat, send the good vibes to your meal. If one day you decide to go for pizza or hamburger, do not feel “guilty” send the good vibes and enjoy it. If you enjoy your food your body will notice and then next day, will be easy to eat healthier options. I do eat hamburgers or pizza once or twice a month and I utterly enjoy the moment. After all, what’s life, if we cannot be thankful for what we have and enjoy it .


As I have already said, check with your doctor or nutritionist which options work best for you, and don’t forget to have a general yearly medical checkup. Leave your comments below and have a great day/week. Eli